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This is the worst portion of this bud sample, it just looked beat up.  External trichs were mashed and it looked like the flower was tumbled in a large bag.  Inside it looked like it was grown well, just handled roughly.


Slight hint of the berry, no real haze smell.  Low pungence level 4 out of 10.


Mild sweetness, seemed like an older sample potentially.


Sativa.  Pretty strong Blue Dream, intial pickup was strong and presented itself smoothly.  Energy, focus, some relaxation qualities from the Blue.


This Blue Dream earns the B grade because of its rough appearance and lack of aroma. The smoke and buzz lasted a little longer than some of the others and even had a bit more potency than most.  With the options to get Blue Dream at most shops, most patients are going to want a better “presented” medication we believe and thus the lower grade.
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