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Marijuana News and Culture Recap: Spring 2018 News

As spring inevitably progresses into summer, it’s the perfect time for another quarterly blog roundup! To help you stay up to date with the latest PotGuide information, we’ve curated some of our favorite posts from the last several months. If you’re looking to stay informed on some of the latest cannabis industry trends and topics, keep on reading to uncover awesome information fit for any cannabis enthusiast!

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Top Marijuana News and Culture

Spring is typically a hotbed for trends and opportunities in the cannabis industry and this year is no different. Check out some of our top articles from the spring to get caught up on what you may have missed!

Are Cannabis Consumers Healthier?

Are Cannabis Consumers Healthier?
Cannabis enthusiasts may be healthier than you think, check it out!

While several stereotypes regarding the poor health of cannabis consumers exist, it turns out that stoners might actually be healthier! In fact, according to a study conducted by BDS Analytics comparing consumers to non-consumers, cannabis consumers were found to make more money, be more satisfied with their live and spend more time being active and outdoors.

These statistics might seem crazy to non-consumers, but there are several other studies backing this information. So, if you’re looking to improve your overall happiness in life, cannabis may be a perfectly viable option to consider!

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How Much Does Cannabis Cost in California?

How Much Does Cannabis Cost in California
Learn more about the prices of recreational cannabis in California! photo credit

California’s fledgling adult-use marijuana market opened up in January of 2018 with much excitement. Now that the hype has subsided, many cannabis enthusiasts are left scratching their heads as to why recreational cannabis prices are so high.

The trend of higher cannabis prices in new legal markets is not uncommon however, and states like Nevada have experience this firsthand. The good news is that most new markets see a decrease in marijuana prices as supply and demand even out. For the time being, check out our article to see just how much cash you’ll be spending for a trip to the dispensary!

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PG, PEG and Other Vape Cartridge Additives: Are They Safe?

PG, PEG and Other Vaoe Cartridge Additives
Find out if the additives in cannabis vape cartridges are good for your health.

Cannabis vape cartridges are quickly becoming some of the most popular products on dispensary shelves, experiencing 400% growth in 2016. While vape pens and cartridges are clearly a hot item among consumers, many are produced with cutting agents that might be harmful to your health.

As a rule of thumb, we’d suggest purchasing products that are uncut and free of any added chemicals or cutting agents. That way you can rest easy knowing you’re consuming only cannabis in your pen! If you can’t find uncut products however, we’d highly recommend looking into some of the research surrounding popular vape cartridge cutting agents.

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The 6 Best Torches for Dabbing

The Best Torches for Dabbing
A torch is an essential part of any dabber's set up. FInd out which ones are best!

Unless you’re using an e-nail or a portable concentrate rig, odds are you need a torch to facilitate your dabbing needs. If you’ve ever been to a head shop looking for the perfect torch for dabbing however, then you might have been a bit overwhelmed by the selection and variety of torches available.

A torch is one of the most essential aspects of dabbing and can help make or break your concentrate experience. Rather than sift through the multitude of options and embark on a mission of trial and error, we’ve compiled the 6 best dab torches on the market. And don’t worry, we made sure to highlight torches from all areas of the budget spectrum. No matter what your price range is, there’s a great dab torch out there for you!

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How to Get Your MED Badge and Start Working in Cannabis

How to Get Your MED Badge
If you want to work in Colorado's cannabis industry, you'll need a MED badge.

Colorado’s cannabis industry is perhaps the most robust and well-oiled operations in Colorado, making it a prime place for many people looking to enter the industry. Working in the cannabis industry isn’t as easy as filling out an application and nailing an interview, however. Before you can even be considered for a job in Colorado’s cannabis industry, you must first obtain an occupational license from the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED).

Commonly referred to as MED badges, these licenses come in a couple different varieties depending on the duties of the position. These badges are the ticket to your career in cannabis so the application process should not be taken lightly. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help you every step of the way! Our article highlights everything you need to know to get your MED badge and start working in Colorado’s booming cannabis industry.

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Cannabis Industry Regulations: Is There a Need for Uniformity?

Cannabis Industry Regulations
Should there be more consistency in cannabis laws between states?

The cannabis industry is taking off at an alarming pace and spreading throughout the United States. And while there are many states adopting progressive cannabis laws, the federal illegality of marijuana prevents there from being any uniformity in laws and regulations between states. Even though there is a lack of regulatory consistency in states with medical and recreational cannabis, there are some best practices that are followed across the board.

The need for national cannabis regulations is becoming increasingly apparent and there are companies actively working to create universal guidelines. Learn more about the efforts being made toward consistent regulations and how cannabis industry regulations might progress in the future.

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Dog Ate Your Stash? Here’s What to Do

What to Do if You Dog Eats Your Stash
Learn everything you need to know if your dog gets into your cannabis stash.

Many cannabis enthusiasts are also dog owners as well. Because of this, it’s extremely important to make sure your furry friend never gets into your cannabis stash. While there are a growing number of studies geared towards pets and cannabis, most pet products are low in THC and high in CBD – meaning your dog could get very sick from eating a large dose of edibles or other activated cannabis products.

In the event of accidental ingestion, there are several steps and guidelines you should follow. Be sure to take a look at our article so you know exactly what to do if your dog eats your stash. Being prepared could end up greatly helping them in the long run!

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Final Thoughts

There you have it, some of our favorite content from the past few months! Be sure to check back at the end of summer for the next edition of our content recap. In the meantime, stay up to date on all PotGuide content by following us on social media and visiting the site frequently!

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