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First the staff here really doesn't know nothing about cannabis. Just the names and what packaging says they cant give you details cause they lack the knowledge. Also they NEVER Have Good Strains. They will say it's our shipment. Well everyone else is fully stocked. Prices here are way to high for medicine. This place needs a upgrade with better staff and people who know and love cannabis not just talking to make you spend your money. They don't even have a social media to know about there times or deals nothing. Truly this place SUCKS go to Cure Pa Or herbology. Harvest Of Reading Is Trash Just Like Reading.
a month ago
After over a year of driving a 70 mile round trip to Mission in Allentown, I decided to try Harvest. I called 1st as walking is incredibly difficult, Holly told me to stop in, no problem. I got there, was told that my patient card wasn't enough and I was led out the front door. Tell Mission that you're coming here was the only advice given. While Holly was very pleasant, she offered ZERO help in how to be a patient of Harvest. I won't waste my time again. Not because I want to drive so far, but because No information was given. What was I required to do? They NEVER said...
a month ago
Website was inviting but when I got to the location they told me that my records indicated I needed a patient consultation by law. I sat down at two different dispensaries previously for 10-15 minutes (walk-in) and they insisted that I still needed to make an appointment with them for a consultation before shopping in their store. This was highly inconvenient, as this is the closest dispensary to my home & I will have to continue to travel further for my medicine. They should advertise to call ahead and book an appointment. Don’t do a walk-in. Plan a day and go to any of the dispensaries in Allentown. It’s much more worth the trip.
3 weeks ago
Staff is great. Just want to point that out first. Even though the one lady yells at you if you have your phone out. Reason I had my phone out was because I was looking at the menu on their website. Because the screens in there go bye too quickly or too slow and all the clipboards were taken. So she could be more polite but that’s not my area of expertise. But other than that, this place has forced my hand to go somewhere else for flower these past 2 weeks. Mostly because of the high prices and the low selection. I don’t like the drive but it had to be made to Malvern. ( which was worth it ) I just don’t understand how you don’t have a variety of flower for people who need it. It’s been like this for the past month. And you want to talk about prices? It’s just a shame that the individuals who need it are being taken advantage of because it’s the closest dispensary around for at least 30 miles. Something needs to change with this place or maybe it’s just me.
a month ago
They had a good run..... . Now, they raise their prices on everything across the board. The only dispensary in the area to do so. Also, you would think there is a drought, or the Republican Convention was coming to town by the very limited supply they have. Employees keep telling customers, "it should be in today or tomorrow". That was 2 months ago. I guess this weak menu is the new norm. Don't understand why they stopped pushing the Terrapin carts too....... Finally, I was forced to drive to Mission Allentown to get what I need: I was very disgusted to find out there are other dispensaries that offer discounts to seniors, disabled, and low income patients; all while this place in Reading is deliberately charging more than everyone else. This is medicine. Stop robbing people. ***The staff are the best part of this whole establishment. Never a problem with any of them. They are approachable, knowledgeable, and always pleasant. They aren't to blame, but the owners are taking advantage of the lack of dispensaries. Capitalism at work here.
2 months ago

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