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Most of the staff is very friendly but, there's a few people working there that are impatient and make me feel like I'm a bother. Not only that but, they get a lot of trainees here so, be prepared to get different answers about different things every time you stop in if you have questions. It's convenient if you live in the area, like me, since it's close to my house but they run out of products VERY fast! They almost never have what i want. Then, when I try something else if i like it and go back to get it again? same issue. They need to stock up more. Especially in a neighborhood location like this, stuff tends to go a lot quicker. And I can tell you right now, a LOT of people in this area smoke; patient or no patient. .
3 weeks ago
I don’t understand why other dispensaries have a good selection in flower and this place doesn’t. It’s been open long enough to figure it out. Whoever runs this place, let’s pick it up.
a week ago
My husband visit this dispensary from time to time.. He likes the atmosphere & service. Went in today... Here's what he got, smell is very strong.. #SpaceMonkey
2 weeks ago
Staff not very up to date on inventory. Menu in store was outdated. They had nothing specifically for anxiety In a relevant dose. Definitely not going back; they had no inventory. No body asked what I was looking for or made any suggestions at all.
3 weeks ago
Staff is nice but every single time I have bought anything here it was lower quality than is advertised. I bought bud advertised 25% and when I got home it was 16%. Bought a cart that was advertised 90% and when I looked later it was 77%. Had another issue today were what I purchased said 92% but the box said 80% when I got it. I'm not sure if they're just lying to move product or if they are incompetent or what. Pretty unacceptable business practice.
a month ago

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