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What PA MMJ patients need to realize is that yes, there is currently a flower shortage, but no, it is not the dispensary's fault! PA only authorized so many growers, and a large portion of those haven't grown anything. If you are unhappy, write your representatives! The Healing Center is great! I love ordering online and picking up after work. All of the staff have been super helpful and friendly. I truly believe they are doing the best they can given the supplier shortage.
in the last week
Always seem to be sold out of product. They always "claim" there is a "shortage" on something that literally grows like a weed. I am getting really tired of driving 30 minutes to get there and be told the same story. How about ordering more product to keep up with demand? Or limiting the amout sold per customer? I have seen people buy enough in 1 trip to supply a whole block. This is medicine and should be readily available to those that are prescribed it.
a week ago
On-line ordering shows flower availability - will even let you select the products,(I understand subject to availability), however to not have the order completely filled is disappointing. I've always had a quick and painless experience whenever I visit. Staff and everyone who works there super nice and knowledgeable. However the on-line order form always gives me problems - my name disappears, the response to the drop down questions doesn't save, etc. Today I placed a larger than normal order only to find out, the only thing filled was a concentrate pod, none of the dry leaf orders were filled. Due to previous issues with online ordering, I triple checked before submitting, only to be let done once I received my confirmation email that my order was completed. It's not really worth a trip for one concentrate pod. This is a 5 star place in my opinion, they just need to tighten up or revamp the on-line order process - the current form is a little janky. I'm a little unclear about owner responses to other reviews about online ordering and dry leaf availability. Are the menus that display on line current menus that are updated as product sells out? This morning the dry leaf menu was rather large, placed an order and got confirmation by 9:15am that order had been received and none of the dry leaf selections were saved on the form or did that much product sell out that fast, on-line ordering began at 9:00am.
a month ago
My first experience here was pleasant. Despite waiting a long time to see the pharmacist (30-45 minutes), the gentleman that I spoke with answered all my questions and was very helpful deciding the best products for me. I purchased several items and still didn't spend as much as I would at the competitors. It's also much easier to get in and out of their parking lot unlike a close by competitor.
2 months ago
Beautiful clean place with beautiful people. Prices are very reasonable also. They truly care about the patients it really isn't all about selling you a bunch of products you don't need. For instance i would was in today and was only there to pick up my change I left from the day before and had a question, ended up buying a product I was a dollar short and Jamie the lovely blond associate spotted me the dollar!!! I was so appreciative (of course I had 4 quarters in my car and payed her back) She said I want to make sure you get what you need. What a special lady!
4 months ago

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