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From day one, Harvest has been driven by an unwavering desire to improve the lives of our patients. That’s why everything from our cultivation efforts, to our retail stores, to the brands we create and carry are crafted and curated to deliver an unrivaled experience for you. Our expert dispensary associates will provide you with any guidance you may need to find the perfect product to fit your unique medical needs. Our products may support many areas of your life including physical, mental, social, spiritual, emotional and occupational. What’s important is finding the right product for you. Harvest is here to help.


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The Neighborhood is nothing to be scared of. The dispensary in this location helps get medicine to ALL patients. This is a wonderful place with tons of great inventory. Very kind workers who had a wealth of product knowledge.
in the last week
20% off first visit makes it worth the visit! Not a lot of parking & not the best neighborhood. First visit they force a consultation. Staff was very nice, store is very clean and well kept. Insane selection of flower!
a month ago
Let's first start with it's location, horrible area, makes you feel uncomfortable. Walked in, was busy, it was a Saturday I understand, but they way they handle everything was a mess. Was told you're not allowed to have your cellphone as you have to wait for 45 minutes to be taken care of. Employees were rude, and not even to me! They made a mistake with my license and wouldn't listen to me at first, then finally saw their mistake. I've been to many other dispensaries and this one was by far the worst I've ever been to.
a month ago
Make sure you count the money and give them exact change from what I'm hearing they like to pocket the money.... Just like the area they're business practices are shady and unprofessional. STAY Clear if you like good Values!
2 months ago
The facility is very nice, but the parking situation isnt the best, considering the neighborhood. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They do a first time meeting with their pharmacist which is a good opportunity it to ask questions related to your other meds. You get 20% the first visit and their selection was great! The only gripe is they have their prices oddly higher than most other places, only by about 2-3 dollars, but its awkward with discounts dealing with change. I'm very happy to have them as another option in the area!
2 months ago

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