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Nice and professional. Most of the time there is very little wait time. Just wish there was more product to choose from
in the last week
First I’ll say I love the service here and most of the people are very polite but they need to bring back the online ordering, they will post their products online but u can’t order anything online and I loved when u were able to do this. Now all the people that don’t work or work late night get all of the products because when I get off it’s all gone, not everyone can leave work in the middle of the day to go sit in line for an hour and that means I can’t get my medicine. Hopping this changes back to being able to order online for a lot of people like my self. The good thing is there’s a lot of new dispensaries opening in the area hopefully they all do the same thing???
a week ago
Never any flower products, its been almost 2 months. I understand PA is busy and trying to keep up but they should have planned for the increase in business. I know a lot of people have went back to street dealers. Prices are just Ok some brands are way over priced. Going to lose a lot of customers if they don't find a way to keep flower in stock.
3 weeks ago
My girlfriend LOVES this place. You have to have a medical marijuana card to get in to buy stuff. She says the prices are good and the staff knows what they are talking about if you have a question or concern. Also a pharmacist is here on staff for questions. Clean inside also.
a month ago
Started off very nice but now they wont even list what they have on hand on the online menu. Complete bs and making a mockery of the program. F this, I'll go here when it is convenient and I am extremely desperate.
a month ago

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