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Herbology offers medical cannabis in DuBois, PA. We're a trusted medical cannabis dispensary dedicated to helping patients find the relief they deserve by offering a wide variety of cannabis products at state-of-the-art, licensed facilities.


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Other Reviews

Dispensary is awesome I recommend it to anybody the staff is wonderful the lawyer to pay points are wonderful you get a dollar for every $20 you spend
in the last week
Terribly organized, they left out one of my items when I checked out. I paid for it but didn't get it. And they were rude when I called to fix it. They won't do anything to fix their mistake. Screw this place. I've never had any issues like this at any other dispensary. Herbology in Dubois is a Joke. You are better off making the trip to Nature's Medicine in State College. At least they are professional and don't screw over their patients.
3 weeks ago
This location lately has absolutely nothing for flower except for CBD. When they put the correct medicine that certain patients needs on the menu, it all disappears within minutes. There's a rumor and also other patient complaints to me that some guy is buying it all almost every morning upon availability. If this is correct, shame on him and shame on you people for allowing it. I'll never go back to an Herbology again. I'll just go back to the city where I came from and get it there without "shortage".
a month ago
First time to dub, had this blonde sweetheart wait on me. Couldn’t have had a nicer experience. I tend to ramble, but she listened to my needs, and what works best for me. Just thankful for today’s experience. Shout out to my girl Heather, it was a pleasure.
2 months ago
I finally found a ride to a dispensary and Dubois is the closest, so I paid my ride 20 dollars to take me over yesterday, August 31,2019. The website said it was open til 7. We got there after 5 and it was closed. The sign on the door said it closed at 5, but not on the website. I am now in pain, out of medication and am out 20 more dollars for nothing. 9 other people showed up before 7 o'clock. Closed!!!! I'm sure it was more than that too.
3 months ago