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Super friendly and helpful staff. I really enjoyed my first visit will definitely return.
3 weeks ago
Awesome dispensary. Staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. Usually quick in and out service especially if you place your order online beforehand. Amazing flower products.
a month ago
The front staff is very unfriendly and stern. Not a welcoming environment until you get to the back. The back staff has always been very helpful and pleasant. I honestly have contemplated going elsewhere because of the front staff but .. choices are limited
a month ago
Overall the staff here are absolutely amazing. The service has gotten faster and more efficient with consistency being the business forefront image. This business seemed to struggle a bit but appears to have adjusted. The clients going here vary and security are friendly and handle anything. Lately I don't wait long at all and get through with online orders in about 10 minutes. I am hearing impaired and these folks are always so accommodating. The pricing on products needs to go down but this is a country wide problem. Still higher than other states and some work could be done here. Recommended.
3 weeks ago
I was given the wrong product, but did not discover it until the following morning. It clearly states on the bottom of my receipt that "Returns or exchanges are subject to dispensary approval within 30 days in original packaging and labeling>" When I called in to the dispensary (Butler Location), I was told that I would be given a discount. That discount turned out to be only 10 dollars on top of the discount I already get for being a veteran. Even though I have a screenshot of my online order and the incorrect receipt, they expect me to pay additional money to get the correct product, even though THEY are the ones that made the mistake. Emily tried to tell me that since this was medicinal in nature, and the Strict laws in PA, they could not exchange them. That's fine, I understand that. But why am I expected to pay for THEIR mistake. If this had happened with a regular pharmacy and was given the wrong product, I expect that pharmacy would bend over backwards to make it right. I work in an industry where, if my team makes a mistake, we are going to spend any amount needed to correct it. I will gladly drive a half hour out of my way to go to another organization if this is the service I can expect here. UPDATE: After speaking with Kayla at the Butler dispensary, she turned everything around and got the products switched the way they should have been. She was extremely helpful and I am definitely willing to give them a second chance because of it.
2 months ago

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