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Columbia care is by far the best in the area. I have to travel a bit but worth every mile. Everyone is super nice and helpful and understanding of my concerns. The staff is actually helping change my life one visit at a time. Being new to this treatment takes time to find what works for me and the staff always always has suggestions. Thank you Columbia Care !!!!!! ??
in the last week
They are quickly becoming a favorite with the 15% discount and selection. Only downside is no online ordering. The line moves though. 17 people were in line in front of me. I was seen in 25 minutes of check-in. Experience was an 8 out of 10 only because of the wait and being told I could not text people while waiting. I had to just stand there reading various pamphlets while the line moved. That part was annoying but not typical of my experience there. Once I was seen things were perfect. The staff was able to gear me straight toward exactly what I wanted. They had recommendations for strains and knowledge of effects. I really wanted to try one that would have been bad for my conditions and he caught it and warned me away to a better option. After trying his suggestions I can say I am very happy.
2 weeks ago
Drove from Reading location (Harvest..what a dump, expensive and has no stock). Columbia Care is amazing with amazing staff! Had a driver take me because it was an hour drive, but so worth the drive. Amazing in all aspects!
2 weeks ago
Went there for the first time today. Great menu and plenty of product unlike other dispensaries in the area. I believe the young ladies name was Kristin (asst. manager) who checked me out and she was super friendly and very helpful. But the whole staff was friendly and very eager to answer questions. I highly suggest checking out this spot.
3 weeks ago
Best dispensary in the Lehigh Valley! The staff are friendly, informed and happy to help. With a level of quality that is unsurpassed, their awesome selection of products offer top-notch relief at a reasonable price (they even offer discounts to those in need, though I am not sure of the specifics on who qualifies as I myself do not). Emails are sent out daily featuring specials and new additions to the menu. Half of the time, a security guard will open the door for you with a smile--if you open it yourself, he's waiting just on the other side to greet you. New patient registration takes all of 30 seconds (with one form to fill out after) and you can make an appointment for a consultation with a staff member who will explain any and everything to patients who either are new to the program or simply have questions. Though they can get quite busy at times, things run very smoothly and efficiently; the longest I've ever waited to be helped was about 10 or 15 minutes, and that was at 12:45 p.m. on Friday afternoon. My only complaint is that they are currently closed on Sundays. As a Monday through Friday worker, having that one extra day of access would be incredibly helpful. However, I am so impressed otherwise that I would give them 6 ?s if I could. Thank you, Columbia Care...for making my life easier to live! ????
a month ago

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