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Treestar is a medical and recreational cannabis dispensary in Woodburn, Oregon.

Our primary focus is tailoring a positive and memorable cannabis experience for each customer. With a strong background in botanical ingredients and small-batch cannabis production, we strive to highlight cannabis as an experience-rich botanical, offering diverse benefits - both medicinally and recreationally. We are intent on remaining an active participant within the community and we're proud to be the first and only dispensary in Woodburn, Oregon! We also proudly serve the communities of Hubbard, Aurora, Barlow, Canby, Needy, Donald, St. Paul, St. Louis, Gervais, McKee, Fairfield, Oaklawn, Lone Elder, Macksburg, and Monitor, Oregon.




Active experiences can help you feel energized, focused, and creative. The effects tend to be more cerebral than physical, while promoting a positive, uplifted mood.

Reach for a balanced experience when you want to level out your physical and mental state. It’s common to feel euphoric and grounded effects.

A calm experience can soothe pain and help you wind down. This type can promote a peaceful and relaxed state of mind with noticeable physical relief.Treestar has Woodburn and Marion County's best daily deals on flower, prerolls, cartridges, concentrates, extracts, edibles, topicals, tinctures, and gear! 





(*Daily discounts subject to change. While supplies last. Daily limits apply per OLCC. Product may vary. Recurring discounts cannot be stacked with each other. One (1) recurring discount may be redeemed in addition to other discounts and promotions up to 20% max, unless otherwise stated.*)

• Mid-shelf Monday: 10% off mid-shelf flower and 20% off total purchase for OMMP 

• Co2uesday: 10% off cartridges

• Wellness Wednesday: 10% off topicals & edibles

• Treestar Thursday: Get a free spin on our prize wheel with purchase when wearing a Treestar T-shirt

• Fire Friday: 10% off top shelf flower  

• Shatterday: 10% off extracts

• Sundaze: $1 off half-gram pre-rolls & $2 off full-gram prerolls



(*Recurring discounts cannot be stacked with each other. One (1) recurring discount may be redeemed in addition to other discounts and promotions up to 20% max, unless otherwise stated.*)

•  MILITARY/VET:  Additional 10% off purchase

•  55 OR WISER:  Additional 10% off purchase

•  OMMP:  Additional 10% off purchase (20% on Mondays)

•  BIRTHDAY:  Additional 10% off purchase




All of our prices include tax, no surprises at checkout!


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Other Reviews

Awesome, very informative, first time there, will be back again.
a week ago
Rip off. Cheapest weed is $8 a gram and it has seeds. They wouldn't even sell it for $2 a gram elsewhere. I was here on mid shelf Monday. Which meant that the two grams I got were just over $14 of Glitter Apple, it was overly dense, lots of sticks and had seeds. I'll drive a little bit next time
a month ago
Great advice and very informative staff. Felix I believe was his name helped me pick out a cartridge for my girlfriend who was with me in the store. He helped explain the differences between co2 and other types and how to help mitigate harshness by getting a pen thats able to change the voltage. This will be the only shop we'll be spending any money at.
4 months ago
Love the help I get there. They answer all my questions and greet you in a timely manner when busy. There points system is easy and the rewards are awesome.
4 months ago
Mildly impressed. It would’ve been a better experience if I wasn’t having to drive the sale myself. Literally no help whatsoever when it came to trying to pick flower or wax. Every strain was “yeah it’s good” Work on your sales pitch.
5 months ago