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False advertising of hours. FYI this shop will not accept customers after 9:45. I know, because I am out of town working and could not bring any of my herbal medicine from my home. I have a doctor's recommendation, ID, but I arrived at precisely 9:57and was informed they were closed and could not let me in because they could not process cards.. So I mentioned oh I'm sorry, I was rushing to get here and I have cash. He said, no it's like alcohol, cutoff time is cut off time. So I asked, nothing you can do for a hurting patient? I'm out of town, I have my doctor's note.. They just ignored me... So apparently, they're posted closing time, isn't actually 10pm, it's 9:45. This company should consider changing their posted hours of operation to avoid wasting the time and resources of potential clients in tough evenings with no medication in a strange town with few resources.. Unposted policies frustrate customers, over promising and under delivering isn't fun to experience...
Excellent service and friendly staff. Selection is impressive for the intimacy. If you dare, evil cupcake masterpieces right next door. Do you get a cupcake discount? If they are open, you bet your sweet cheeks you get a cupcake discount!
Had a not so good experience a while back but I must say their improvement shines. I honestly love coming here now. Love all the staff. Friendly encounter every time!
I usually shop here a couple times a week, and I am always happy with their recommendations. Last night I walked there like usual, but the weather was horrible, so I quickly got in and out. About 30 min after I returned home I realized I lost my wallet, so frantically retraced my steps back there. They were already closed for the night, but luckily one of the employees was walking out of the store, and was immediately relieved that I came back for my wallet, and got it for me, and I could hear the other employees still inside sound joyful that I returned. I am SO thankful for them, I will certainly recommend this place to all my friends and coworkers, not just for their selection, knowledge and customer service, but for being awesome human beings.
These guys (and Gals) are very cool people. Many of them have been smoking for a long time, and they are very good at giving you options even when you've only got a few bucks. They literally have over 100 strains, so my advice is to just stop by and check it out, you won't be disappointed.

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