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I bought the new small Pax vaporizer at another shop. I came into Smoke On The Mountain to buy a couple cartridges for it because I was coming back from skiing and it was convenient. I walked in and specifically requested a Pax cartridge. The girl behind the counter pulled out 3 choices and I picked two. Turned out later upon review that she ended up selling me cartridges for some other vape pen that's not even remotely like the Pax. I am over 2 hours away and can't just drop by to return them. I think that she knew exactly what she was doing, and I'm not happy at all.
My experiences with marijuana in the past have been mostly bad. Some of it made me paranoid and like there was someone else inside my head besides me. So, because I live very close to this store I decided to drop in and talk about that. I was met in the outer part of the store and asked to show some ID by one of the staff, and this was done very nicely too. I realize this store is under the regulations of the OLCC. The folks in the store have to follow these in order to sell and dispense the product. After I was admitted to the back area, I chatted with a nice lady and told her of my past experience with marijuana. She told me she thought the problem was with the strain I had smoked. She said that she thought that I should try the Indica and not the Sativa strain? So I recently tried some Critical Cure and it was exactly what I was hoping for! No little men inside my head! LOL! Just me. I can't wait to go back in and thank her for the help she was so nice and patience with me. I've been in this store four times now and always been treated nicely, fairly and with respect. Would I recommend this store and its products? Yes, I already told several of my friends about it. Because the quality of the product and the way it was rolled and packaged and the great and friendly staff there and finally the location means I will give them all my business in this part of my life. Try them, I'm sure you'll enjoy them and your visit as much as I have.
I came 10 minutes late here and the female there was nice and said that it was closed which I respect because it was owners rules however, while talking to her and man came up out of nowhere and demanded I leave and pointed. His attitude and demeanor was the worst I've seen before. He was rude and made me not want to ever go here again. I wouldn't ever go to this store and recommend you go to the one 3 miles down to the one in rhododendron where the service is great and the quality is amazing. I've never had to leave a bad review before but there is a 1st for anything.
Giving a 3, simply have not stepped foot inside the doors here. A little hesitant to be honest. Tend to go to dispensaries all over the Portland, Gresham, Milwaukie, areas and have to say.. When going into various Gresham shops and to hear "VENDORS" have nothing good to say about this place and the ownership.. That leaves for some Worry when you hear vendors complaining. (The people that supply to the shops).. Having been in the medical community for 14 yrs and over all in the industry for about 16-17 yrs now.. It's not a good sign when Vendors themselves don't have a lot of positive to say about the place and the owner. Still willing to check the place out to decide for myself.. Not the type to allow others or my wallet to decide for me.. Hopefully can change them stars to a 5 and not a 1.
Best place to stop in your way up the mountain and okn your way down. Always friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great prices. Only down limited parking

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