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They are constantly changing prices for the worst and continue to get rid of their deal days and hours. Maybe if you folks would stop opening a shop just to close it a month, later you would be able to keep consistent pricing and not continue to drive your consumer base away from you.
in the last week
Great, friendly staff. Knowledgeable and patient. Mr. Nice Guy has a good selection and decent prices. I will be returning.
4 months ago
Mr Nice Guy has about 20 shops throughout Oregon. I totally trust them. They advertise that they will never try to sell you anything you dont want.
3 months ago
This place has went way down since the change over to mr nice guy. Went way more on the corporate level and dont care about their customers! You can be in the door at 8:30 pm and they will make you wait than give you five minutes to pick.. Also selection is way high priced for more what the customers think its all about profit for them now.. Customer service is down 75 %
5 months ago
Absolutely love this place! They have amazing prices and products all the time and their deals on things are great to! Oh also gotta say the customer service that goes down when it comes to helping is fantastic everyone is super knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you for always having exactly what I'm looking for when I'm looking and more. ????
a year ago

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