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Neighborhood cannabis shop serving both medical and adult-use customers.


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Allen, John and the gang are great. They are knowledgeable and super helpful. We won't go anywhere else.
This dispensary is by far my number 1 spot to get cannabis. Always lowest prices around and awesome budtenders. They Have a number system so that everyone gets taken care of in an organized manor. I "highly" (pun intended) recommend stopping by for yourself and experience all cdc greatness they have to offer
Wow what a great find! They're a little store but have great selection and amazing staff I'm so glad they're just up the road from me! A hidden gem worth making the stop at for sure! Quality flower and great prices! And rewards program wooop wooop!! Keep up the good work guys
Bought a cheaper cartridge instead of the select brand I usually get and it didn't work for my pen. I tried to exchange for a better brand and pay the difference but they refused and tried to sell me another E pen instead. Then told me it's something wrong with my pen. I just bought another cartridge somewhere else and it works just fine.
I had such a good experience the second I came through the door. The first time I visited I came a couple minutes before closing and they still treated me with just as much patience and respect as if I had came in an hour before. The employees we’re very genuine and friendly and had great recommendations! 10 out of 10! I would totally recommend this place to any one who is new to buying their own weed products or anyone who just wants a good deal on them.