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Neighborhood cannabis shop serving both medical and adult-use customers.


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Other Reviews

I love it! The staff is very pleasant and helpful and the prices are reasonable. It's convenient, always plenty of parking.
Cannabis Dispensary. prices are competitive with the area. parking can be a problem at times. It's close by a bus stop. I stop in on my way home to pick up a little sometimes.
CDC Dispensary ounce deals are OUT OF THIS WORLD. GREAT weed for super cheap prices. The workers are all super chill, at least every male budtender. I haven't dealt with a woman here before, but everything is great so far. I will always return for the ounce deals. Beats any price on any ounce in the PNW HANDS DOWN.
Took out of state family who were looking for CBD oil. They went in while I waited outside. They got oil at half the price they can find out of state. They said staff was nice. The store was very busy and seemed nice.
Love, love, love it here! It may not look like much from the outside, but don't judge this book by its cover. I brought my 80yr old grandma in to learn some basics and to find her the right products for her needs, the staff was extremely friendly, patient, and always willing to answer questions. Great product, great prices, great staff. Highly recommended! ??