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Neighborhood cannabis shop serving both medical and adult-use customers.


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Best knowledge of strain. Super nice and chill. Only spot I'll go!
in the last week
Helpful tenders, excellent prices, and a wide range of products to choose from. Definitely my first choice!
3 weeks ago
The place where size truly does not matter. It may be a tiny little shop but the quality of their flower more than makes up for it, great pricing and most of all . . Some super great service! Much thanks guys ??
a month ago
I have talked about this Dispensary to many people. Some give me looks, some have never heard of it, and a few agree with my thoughts. I really like this place for flower as I go elsewhere when I was concentrates. Prices are always good and they usually have daily deals going on with whatever is almost out. I have seen this place go through 2 remodels and I think they finally found a layout that works now that laws have settled. If you have checked them out I would give them a shot. You just might find you next go to flower shop :)
2 months ago
Been going here 2 or 3 times a week for over two years now and always walk out with the limit. They always have a good selection and a knowledgeable, friendly, positive staff and reasonable pricing. Few months ago now a new guy started bud tending and I’ve had 3 bad experiences with him up to today. I went in this morning and he was in one of his moods. Rude, negative, non welcoming in any way. Nobody else in there and he had to talk to me like I’m stupid. Instead of asking me to grab a number, for no reason since I was the only person, he tells me rudely I need a number and then pointed while telling me those are the numbers with attitude I would of removed if there was no camera. Hopefully if they want return costumers they will correct his attitude or put him in the back. He’s the older fat guy looks late 50’s pretty unhealthy and unhappy looking with glasses, if you get him I’d take another number. Good thing there’s dispensaries 5 to 10 minutes in any direction. Thanks but no thanks, Randy
4 months ago