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This place is overpriced and targets middle-aged folks. If you go to Magic Castle up the street a half ounce is $60. If you go to nectar up the street a half ounces $58 including tax. The highest THC they have here is 27% where the highest THC they have there's 32%. I just paid $30 for 2g of decent weed but it wasn't even the top shelf. This place is ridiculously overpriced. The service was not nearly as good as at nectar. The guy seemed detached and unhelpful. The guy at the counter was actually talking bad about someone that called on the phone because they asked him the same question twice. This place is not a place designed for people who actually know what they're getting.
This place is the dutch bros of dispensarys, and not in a good way. If you enjoy a bunch a fake BS this is the place for you, if you just want to get your stuff and not have it be a huge pain, go literally anywhere else. This place insists on a "tour" and only lets one person in to buy at once, meanwhile you and everyone else sit in a TINY waiting room for no reason, and theres practically a registration process, dont waste your time here, unless youre the type that works at dutch bros or loves the hookah bar, in which case their over fancying BS will suit you just fine. Never give much attention to their little spiel. All you need to know is cbd will make you more tired and its generally cbd thats used medically. Its usually found more in indica but the %s are labeled anyway. If you just wanna get blazed, go for highest thc and ignore their speech about "what kind of high you want".
Not a terrible shop but not a good experience. Employees seem like they were transported out of a vape shop. Aggressive, opinionated, and too cool for school. I went here by accident because I am new in town and Googled the closest place. Prices were high and the 2 gram increment thing is pretty annoying too. That being said, the product was of high quality.
This place looked like a great place to shop. I was terribly wrong, the employees who work at the airport location are about the rudest, over opinionated, pretentious people in the cannabis industry. I am a Portland native and have been to many dispensaries in the city, I will never return to any Chalice farms dispensary and I would recommend everyone to shop elsewhere. The quality and the selection were horrible as well, there are many dispensaries that have much better selections and you wont be insulted or talked down to. Thanks Katie! I would also like to state I am easy to please and I have never wrote a review but the way Chalice employees treat customers deserves a negative review. I hope this will save others from a negative experience with this company.
I wish all dispensaries were more like this place. A++ . 5 stars. Ridiculously amazing. Clean Profesional Outstanding quality of product Outstanding customer service Details on Products so you know what you're buying Very Organized I was worried at first seeing that a lot of reviews complained about prices. This place has phenomenal weed with such amazing quality. I was blown away. They did not ask for too much with their prices. Their prices were reasonable for what they were selling. You get what you pay for. I was incredibly impressed by this dispensary. I did not feel like it was a place that was simply trying to get you high. They genuinely respect and care about cannabis The displays were amazing and the customer service was out of this world. They were incredibly professional as well and outstanding. A guy stuck with my boyfriend and I to make sure that we were properly taken care of from when we walked in to the end of our transaction. We left them a hefty tip.

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