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False Advertisement Chalice Farms sells 0.5 grams of Claywolf Live Resin and prices them as ONE WHOLE GRAM. Both pamphlet and label stated prices per gram, when I attempted to buy one gram’s worth (2 containers), store attendants attempted to charge me twice what was advertised for one gram. Report to be filed with OLCC immediately.
Great VALUE buds for 7. a gram and 99 a OZ. They have Rick Simpson Oil at fair prices also. Clean store. The four buds I received. Purple Kush, Lemon Kush, Blue Dream, and Country Fair and all are better quality then all the dispensaries up and down 99 and Barbur. I much rather pay 25 for an 1/8th here and get good quality smoke, then pay 14-18. at Neture, the herbary, magic, paradise, etc etc and get meddies that is harsh and barely catches a buzz. The 99.00 OZ of really good quality shows they are in the industry for the long haul. I lived in Denver and visited 150 desparies, this was only the 2nd shop in Oregan to come close to Denver quality for the lowest priced value buds. I found my new shop for flower and rso.
CHALICE FARMS FIRED ME FOR HAVING ASPERGERS!!! In case anyone was wondering, recently I was fired from my job as a product specialist. A job I relocated for. Dropped everything and took an offer for a future helping people. I have never been better at a job. I was beyond professional. I was promoted TWICE but never saw an actual raise or title. I was force transferred to a place where people are getting robbed for prerolls. I was fired my second day after the "promotion". Why? For being too unprofessional! What??? I asked constant details about this promotion which was first called compliance, then supervisor, then demoted to bud tender over night! They would give me no details on title, pay, responsibilities, or reasoning. When I asked corporate members they would tell me awful things about chalice and about left coast connections and why not to transfer from the airport location. Including that chalice is sending people to secretly turn in any dispensaries seen as competition for non compliant behaviors they see. After firing me the VP herself told one of those corporate people I quit violently because of what they told me. I WAS FIRED. They gave me a check with no money to cash that froze my bank account for 11 days for fraud. I couldn't eat. Pay phone bill. Pay rent. I've been too shamed to leave my apartment in Portland and afraid of rejection to the point of paralysis to even attempt applying for a job. I was amazing at assisting to relieve ailments. CHALICE FARMS FIRED ME FOR HAVING ASPERGERS. I will never support them or anyone involved with them and will continue to let people know who they really are and what they're really doing. What they did to me.
This place is notoriously and unreasonably overpriced. I always get a laugh when they email out their "deals" which are not deals at all. I've heard more people compliment the wood finishes of the building's interior than the quality of product. Correction: I've never heard anyone compliment the quality of the product for the value it's offered at. My advice for management: pay off the woodworking bills out of your own pocket and quit over taxing the product. The fact that people avoid your location is because the value of your product does not match price people are willing to pay isn't helping your status in the community. As many people have said through reviews, there are many more dispensaries with better quality and better pricing within a half a mile in either direction.
This place is overpriced and targets middle-aged folks. If you go to Magic Castle up the street a half ounce is $60. If you go to nectar up the street a half ounces $58 including tax. The highest THC they have here is 27% where the highest THC they have there's 32%. I just paid $30 for 2g of decent weed but it wasn't even the top shelf. This place is ridiculously overpriced. The service was not nearly as good as at nectar. The guy seemed detached and unhelpful. The guy at the counter was actually talking bad about someone that called on the phone because they asked him the same question twice. This place is not a place designed for people who actually know what they're getting.

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