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Customer service was and is always outstanding..clean and professional..will definitely be our go to dispensary.. Big up to the staff of Chalice Farms guys rock!
This place is overpriced and targets middle-aged folks. If you go to Magic Castle up the street a half ounce is $60. If you go to nectar up the street a half ounces $58 including tax. The highest THC they have here is 27% where the highest THC they have there's 32%. I just paid $30 for 2g of decent weed but it wasn't even the top shelf. This place is ridiculously overpriced. The service was not nearly as good as at nectar. The guy seemed detached and unhelpful. The guy at the counter was actually talking bad about someone that called on the phone because they asked him the same question twice. This place is not a place designed for people who actually know what they're getting.
First time and This place is an absolute rip off where to begin. No first timers anything? Only 2 gram increments. Subpar selection.. WAY WAY over priced. No real deals to make you want to come back. Just because your staff are super friendly doesn't mean you can over charge. And making me buy atleast 2 grams? What's with that. What if I wanted a gram of this a gram of that. (Pre roll does not count). What's with only having deals a couple days aweek? Why not everyday? You certainly charge enough money to make that happen. I HIGHLY suggest KALEAFA they are an absolutely amazing shop with locations in Beaverton and one in portland on woodstock.. selection is second to none and the staff are amazing! Grams of super fire start at 8$ and you can get just that a gram if you want. They offer 10% off for first timers and have amazing deals EVERY Day. Monday and Tuesday dollar gram day buy any gram, even an 8 dollar one and get a gram for a dollar! Like buying bigger amounts? Well Wednesday is 15% off all quarters even greater deals the rest of the week. Seriously try it. I don't work there, know anyone that does. Just walked in randomly one day and never looked back! Happy Stoning! UPDATE: There is a Green Planet opening up right on Highway 99 next to sonic and safeway. not too far from Chalice. So if you want a better experience I HIGHLY suggest you go there when it opens! Or as always, KALEAFA. (:
Great products! Love the chocolates and oils. The vape pens could use some work as the are hard to use sometimes. nice staff everytime iv been. Just wish prices were not so killer but thats the same at all shops like this.
Not a terrible shop but not a good experience. Employees seem like they were transported out of a vape shop. Aggressive, opinionated, and too cool for school. I went here by accident because I am new in town and Googled the closest place. Prices were high and the 2 gram increment thing is pretty annoying too. That being said, the product was of high quality.

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