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The front check in person is the only reason i gave 2 stars instead of 1. The customer service was lacking, not the most friendly crew of employees. The product was meh and the price was high. I wont be shopping here again.
Terrible costumer service as of recently, have been long term costumers buying an oz a week without any problems. Not a pleasant environment as it used to be. No return policy, lack of customer appreciation, more into turning profit. I feel as though this is an impact from new employees and management.
Great customer service, nice display of their products, and good prices.
I've yet to finish a cartridge before it leaks and makes a huge mess. It's always after the 2 week period to exchange it. I won't go there again. It's their label on the cartridges. I'm so tired of the disappointment. Not to forget to mention the financial waste.
This place is notoriously and unreasonably overpriced. I always get a laugh when they email out their "deals" which are not deals at all. I've heard more people compliment the wood finishes of the building's interior than the quality of product. Correction: I've never heard anyone compliment the quality of the product for the value it's offered at. My advice for management: pay off the woodworking bills out of your own pocket and quit over taxing the product. The fact that people avoid your location is because the value of your product does not match price people are willing to pay isn't helping your status in the community. As many people have said through reviews, there are many more dispensaries with better quality and better pricing within a half a mile in either direction.

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