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These prices are just sad. Chalice Farms is like the Whole Foods of cannabis clubs, only their products offered doesn't justify the cost, you can get better cannabis for much cheaper elsewhere. Go to Nectar.
Place is a ripoff. They only sell in 2 gram increments so they offer no discounted prices for buying in bulk. They told me I'd get a discount on the next time I came in if I gave them a good review. Only reason they're making profit is because they're so far into the suburbs. They would not survive further in the city. They know their location and market well and understand most of their customers are affluent suburban locals. Chalice Farms, you suck and are a terrible company and pot shop.
I live in Tigard and thought this place was in a great spot! Usually i would have to drive to downtown Portland to find a decent shop. I have been to this place a few times. Its clean and the staff are very sweet. But one thing stuck out to me about this location. No matter how much i smoked. I could NEVER GET EVEN A SMALL HIGH. No matter how much of it i smoked no matter what Bud i chose it was all the same experience. I even bought their edables. Still nada. A few days ago i was unsure about returning but thought id give them one last shot. I went in around 3 pm. The gentlemen who helped me was very sweet and understanding when i told him my frustration and that i told him i was goving this place one last chance. I asked him if they had any kind with a THC level over 20%. He told me he did not. In the whole store! I need something above 25% to even help. They seriously didnt have hardly anything! I was upset at the fact that i told them my fristrations and the problems still didnt change. The lack of product and the lack of product effectiveness..sadly i will not be returning due to those reasons. You wers the only place within 10 miles of me. Im not mad. Just dissapoiinted. ??
Stopped in today to give the shop another try and they didn't have a single strain over 20%! They were charging $18 grams for 18% bud. What an absolute rip off of a shop. The only reason they're able to get away with their pricing is because they're so deep in the suburbs and they know customers aren't willing to drive into Portland to get better and less expensive product. They would not be in business if they were anywhere else but the suburbs of Tigard.
Great first experience! Thank you guys. Staff was friendly. Knowledgeable. Hands down the best Girl Scouts I've seen at a dispensary so far in Oregon. It's beautiful inside. Great work!

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