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Went there and asked for $30 of Marijuana. They said they'd give us an eighth... They gave us four little popcorn nugs.. We bought Marijuana under ten dollars a gram as well.. I've gone there before and was always pleased. But this is an underweight sale.
in the last week
The better of 2 places available in Sumpter that both service the entire Eastern side of Oregon.
a week ago
This place is totally awesome. The staff is super nice, outgoing and very helpful in picking out products and answering questions. The folks who run the place are super down to earth good people. We drive out there 1-2x a month from Idaho and love the drive, it’s definitely worth the drive as the scenery is fantastic and the payoff is more than worth it!
a month ago
Pop Rocks! Beautiful and clean with easy to read and decipher products. Super helpful staff and or owners. Also was gifted an awesome cup of house coffee. They are doing it right!
2 months ago
Awesome selection at great prices! Very friendly staff and very knowledgeable! Definitely recommend the drive down the scenic highway to get here. Absolutely gorgeous drive, awesome location! I love the entire feel of it, kind of wild wild west. Will definitely return!!
4 months ago