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Other Reviews

What are ur prizes on Mondays ? I know u have different prizes on grams.
Not the best along the strip but worth a visit for sure!
Very courteous and helpful staff. Great prices too. Five dollars grams and their Monday specials sets this place apart from the rest.
Good place but the "grams" seem to be getting smaller. I use to go everyday but the last 3 times I've gone its been mostly stem and even a few seeds in the bag when i called and told them the woman told me not every bag can be perfect.... Use to be my favorite place but I haven't been going as much now.
The 5 dollar grams are an amazing deal, they range in strains from gsc to blue dragon all with great percentages. Everyday they have new flavors of 5 dollars and something new on the shelves. They carry a great selection of concentrates, edibles, and flower. If your looking for a nicely priced 1/8 they have some great deals on that daily. Concentrate is as low a 36 dollars currently and will continue to drop in price! The staff is always helpful and will go above and beyond to find the answer to any questions you have. I highly recommend this place to any of my friends.

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