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A tad expensive but good quality and great service.
This place is awesome. Excellent service and amazing trees ??
Pretty much the finest herb you'll ever need EDIT: still very good weed but the level of professionalism is not there small town drama and gossip led the owner to chastise me in the store while other customers were there we pretty much got into a shouting match, I don't expect to get yelled at in a weed shop I expect good customer service and great weed period.they still got great weed which is why I left a few stars.won't be going back...worth the drive to avoid small town drama and gossip.
Amazing customer service! Great bud great joints wish they did more gram joints! Prices are a little high, but beats driving all the way to Salem for cheeper bud. Just wish they open sooner or stayed open later specially for summer!
25 bucks for quality hash oils...30-35 for top shelf. The staff is friendly, the owner is super cool, they know their stuff, and is probably the most respectable business in Silverton. Never seeds or premature in flower. Easily one of the best dispensaries around, most of Portland should be embarrassed by these all-stars.