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If you have never been to any other dispensary then you might like it. Otherwise dont waste your time.
Went there for the first time last night. The tender was extremely nice and helpful. The pos system went wonky during my visit, but she made sure to do everything she could to help me with any questions I had, and get me on my way in a timely manner. Will recommend to others.
Was in Oregon just the other day. Im from 3000 miles away where I'm a Patient and Canna business founder/owner. Oregon rules allowed me to purchase Recreational Cannabis while I was there for a few weeks I saw the Green Cross and knew I was in good hands. Drove around back parked car and went in. Hands down their Super Silver Haze was grown and trimmed perfectly. We bought Flowers, quarters of SSH, Sauce, and something else 26.3% THC that were all good material.prices were similar to East Coast. Never an issue when it comes to paying for quality. Again, the SSH was like I grow at home simply beautiful. Went to many other shops but always came back to my new West Coast home Sacred Flower Medicinal. Even the girl bud tender recommended us the SSH when asked. The whole place is First Class. As for times of operation we frequently went after working all day arriving as late as 840pm and they were open, polite, helpful, and kind.
Why does Google and their website state they close at 9 p.m. and yet I'm driving through Oregon on my way to Washington and I'm here passing by at 7:15 p.m. on a Wednesday and they're closed? Oh...and the voicemail box was full so you couldn't even leave a message. That's two things that already show the business is misleading and not customer service oriented. How does that inspire confidence in their reputation and product? Maybe the product is good, but reliability is what makes a good business.
My experience there was very educational and informative. The staff were very friendly and educated on their products. Informative posters can be found all over their walls, and the different varieties they had out do the other shops around. Not to mention it's weighted out in front of you. By far this is a shop everyone should visit. I give them a 5 star hands down. Thanks for a wonderful experience to all the staff and owners. You have my business for sure.

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