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This place does have alot of selection. But, It's over priced and the pre bagged stuff makes it a crap shoot. Additionally, they used to sell these vape pens that they would say you have 24 or 48 hrs to return when some of the manufacturer's had a guarantee of 2 weeks to a month. After informing the manufacturer of this companies shady practices they no longer are sold at TLC. This place was reasonable 8 months ago, now I only go if I'm in a pinch cause it's so close to me.
TLC use to be the go to spot for myself and almost everyone I know. Until late fall when customer service started dropping. The so called bud tenders rush you in and out the door. They are always just standing around talking to their coworkers. Not to mention the inappropriate conversation they have with each other. Top shelf is definitely not top shelf anymore but they still charge top shelf prices. They use to have the best selection in town now it's very slim pickings. My friends and I would rather drive across town for better customer service and better product than go to TLC.
Best shop in town. Andrew is always helpful and informative.
Never even been inside, and probably never will. Owner "Sherry" is extremely rude. Avoid at all costs. Go to Herbal Grasslands instead.
Not pleased with this place. The "bud tender" (Tim) treated my wife like crap. He laughed at her telling her she wouldn't find a better deal than what they had. As a patient she should have been treated with a little more compassion, not to mention she's a lady. The prices at TLC are all over the board. We can get good quality medicine across town for a much better price. Plus it's not prepackaged in a non see through bag at other places. To add insult to injury, Tim was soliciting online reviews wanting himself named.... ...Well then you go Tim. Go ahead and keep the 2 cent joint for your review. We won't be by to collect

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