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I have been frequenting this spot for a while and I am a happy customer. Good quality flower selection. And as someone else mentioned in their review they will weigh out flower in front of you which I absolutely like. Get some budget ounces (100 - 125) and I'll be even happier! I would recommend.
Friendly and knowledgeable. Relaxed but still professional.
Love this shop. Always has a variety of flower, cartridges, and oils compared to other shops I have been to. Its family owned so everyone on staff to very friendly and personable. They also weight out flower in front of you which I feel is another personable thing they do. I have never felt any negativity from anyone within all the times I have been in. Also I am SUPER glad they just recently went recreational. Keep up the good work THC, you never seem to disappoint.
Best place in Salem, hands down. The staff treat you like family. The only thing you might have to deal with is a small wait if you come when it's busy, but it's busy for a reason.
Usually walk in get my bud and leave. The last time I went in, I waited for 15 minutes to be helped because all the pcs were down (recurring issue) and there was a big line. Finally got help after waiting a long time and the guy who helped me (tall, sloppy looking, owners son) had a disrespectful attitude from the start for no reason. He helped the people before me for 10 minutes. Answered all their questions and we're having a great time. Soon as I showed up, it seemed like he couldn't wait to be done with me. I asked the sloppy guy a simple question about the bud i was buying and he answered with "I don't care." he later tried to play it off by being extra nice and informative, but by that time it was too late. The prices are also fairly high and the bud is just decent quality. Would recommended to check others out before stopping here. I'm sure you'll find better quality all around.

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