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I've never met a more friendly employee in my life. They quickly and politely showed me reasonably priced strains that hit smoothly. I'm definitely going back soon to my new favorite dispensary.
in the last week
Nice, warm chill environment. The staff was friendly and professional and very willing to help. I will definitely visit again.
a week ago
Went in looking for a $3 gram, what I got instead was 4 one gram joints for around $6! Great customer service, very friendly, sure to point out their weekly ad! Definitely added to my list of dispensaries!
a month ago
Used to love this place but some of the staff are just plain rude like the guy when I came in this A.M. was less than pleased to see a customer and when dared to I asked what happened to the deals they used to have he just gave a flat look and said $30. (Talking in regards to a cartridge) Told him I could get their deals as a regular price just about anywhere and he started asking me where and what brands cause their cheapest is over $30 without a deal... as if I was lying... while the lady in the back yelled about how something smells really badly in the store....I'll stick with Homegrown where I NEVER deal with rude staff who act too good to help a customer or treat me like I am clueless making things up. Maybe it's time for some new budtenders who have customer service skills.
a month ago
Knowledgeable. Great service. Great prices. Good people. Couldn’t be happier with my experience here.
2 months ago

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