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This is a pretty darn good shop. Good specials throughout the week and flash sales if your on the text list. Nice staff and quality flower, occasionally staff have been a bit overworked..... Concentrates are sometimes pricey, but they typically have a wide enough price range. So something for everyone. They also move product so they typically have new stuff/freshness every week. If you can wait they have big sales every couple of months.
2 weeks ago
Staff is really nice!! Hence the name, Mr. Nice Guy! ?? I bought Royal Zkittlez dabs. It was very tasty!! I would highly recommend everyone to check this place out!!!
a month ago
Excellent customer service. Wide selection. Great prices
a month ago
Awesome deals! Anna was great with helping me. Love my airpro set
2 months ago
I received the most warm and inviting welcome entering your store, Mr Nice Guy, on 3rd st. I felt right at home. Not knowing much about marijuana and feeling like a fish out of water your employee Mr Scott Noel was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and patient which put me right at ease. With his guidance I made my purchase and left a satisfied customer. After sampling your product I must say I will return. Thank you Scott Noel I had an extremely pleasant visit. Your loyal customer ~Stacy~
5 months ago

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