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Very tiny selection actually. Very stiff enviorment. 12$ a gram any gram. Not good prices at all. Try other shops and you'll realize this place rightfully named a shack throws your mood off. Bought a gram of a couple different strains. Dried out leaf ridden buds that crunched to the touch. Basically to the point of falling apart. Waste of money. Do not recommend. The flowers I got were emtremely hard to smoke nonetheless taste test after I tried my first selection.
Best in town!
Best MMJ store on the West Coast!!
Absolutely love this place! Great selection, good prices, and amazing people working there
I purchased a Open Vape "Reserve" Co2 cartridge about a month ago. I had to exchange the cartridge for a different one three times because it did not work. Initially, I purchased a indica... Returned it, however I was forced to exchange it for a sativa due to an apparent exchange policy. After that cartridge was deemed defective, I attempted to return it for a indica (which was what I chose in the first place). I was then advised by an employee that I had to chose another sativa, even though there were other indica cartridges available. I attempted to exchange the cartridge on 9/16/16, however I was told by a manager that it was not defective. He then proceeded to explain to me that I needed to purchase an Open Vape battery/charger for $35 in order for the oil to burn properly. So, I purchased the new vape pen assuming that it would make the cartridge function properly. Needless to say, the cartridge still doesn't work on any of the 4 different variable voltage levels. I spent $32.50 for the .420 gram Co2 Open Vape "Reserve" cartridge, and $35 for the Open Vape 2.0 variable voltage battery. After all this hassle, I could tell that knowbody at Kaya Shack cares about customer satisfaction or the quality of the products they peddle. I would hope that someone from Kaya Shack would either reimburse me for my losses or exchange the cartridge for one that works!! I seriously doubt Kaya Shack will be in business long. The dispensaries in Portland/Eugene offer superior products, price, and customer service. I just want to be treated with dignity and respect, not like an ignorant fool that doesn't know better.

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