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This place has got great customer service. The staff may appear young but the knowledge they share is priceless.
Amazing staff, always so nice. The bud is always great too, and great prices. It really is the best place to go to in town.
The staff are incredibly polite and do their best to discuss items when asked. I've been several times now, because I've been trying every shop in town. I'd have to say I don't try the flower, so my review is strictly on concentrates. The actual oil itself is good quality, however I don't like how I feel like they treat recreational customers like second class patrons, gouging you on price and not allowing you to buy extracts purely on the basis that you aren't medical. My knowledge on this isn't terribly in depth, but from what the cashier told me the reason is simply because the store owner wants it that way. Overall, they have good enough product, but I can't justify paying 20$ over what other dispensaries in the area charge per gram on oil, and being treated differently because I'm recreational, I loved the staff but I'll be taking my business elsewhere.
Top shelf special: I have bought both amazing and crappy weed from their specials. Do not be fooled by the name of this special, it is NOT their Top shelf weed for a great deal. It is inferior weed that they pass off as top shelf IN COMPARISON to their daily special. NOT in comparison to their most expensive weed. This is where they sell their low grade, outdoor, poorly trimmed, green weed. They are not honest or straight forward about this fact, they try to scam you into thinking that it is "great weed for a great price". BEWARE OF SCAMS LIKE THIS.
I'm going to start by saying I can't stand when people lash out at a business instead of trying to work it out with the business. Come on man, we smoke weed dude, be mellow! Next, I would like to express that every single time I have entered that establishment I have been treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. The owner runs a tight ship and his staff of extremely friendly, and knowledgeable bud tenders allow for an experience you will not find anywhere in Salem. So, for those of you who may have had an experience that was unexpected, please return to Herbal Remedies and get the experience you deserve today!

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