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Great store environment, nice staff, and some of the best products available on the market. Highly recommended!
Great selection and prices! Friendly staff and a great customer loyalty program!
Expensive...bought gorilla glue #4 tonight $30 for 2 grams and terrible quality...not worth it...I have grown and purchased this strain several times and I have never seen such disregard for quality in a weed shop...Expensive, ridiculous "credit card scam" they try to get you to sign up for and poor quality herb. Stay away from this place.
Came in to purchase some concentrates. One was good, one was horrible. Would never take the time to write a review, but it was that bad. I asked my sales person specifically if the Baho tasted good and she said yes. Went home tried it. Minutes later I still have the taste of it on my tongue. It should never do that. Been dabbing for 5 years and nothing has ever tasted that foul. I honestly can't even smoke the rest of my gram. I'm a chronic smoker so this sucks. Waste of money. Could have gone anywhere else with same price, same THC content, better quality.
I did NOT have a good experience at all. First I got home to find that they sold me a bunch of stems and shake . Then just to realize they didn't even give me the oil i bought. So I had to drive back from corvallis to Salem. Then for them to act like I should have looked. Well I would have had I of known this is how you do business . I guess i should be thankful they gave me the oil after driving here twice. Grrr not cool man not cool!

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