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After seeing the same product of shatter from dab society which is made by loud labs llc in other dispensaries unopened and hermetically sealed, i decided to write this. i purchased a couple packs and what i noticed first was the bags were already opened and the shatter was extremely dark as if it were already vaped once or burnt in the process . the next day i noticed sores in my mouth from using the product. buyer beware. I live in ne keizer, and live on well water. the two sores are a direct result of the black shatter that I vaped that day. i don't smoke cancer cigarettes, don't drink or do drugs. to be fair im used to grade aa, and haven't tried anything else in about 3 years. this was your cheaper product. I did call loud labs left 2 messages and called everyday for a week and a half they do not answer their phone. I am inclined to think they produced it this way and considered that if its cheap its been ran a few times at least. after seeing another shop with the same product sealed I thought it doesn't matter who's fault it is. loud labs causes health problems and could be prevented.
Best place and great people good prices
The staff are very friendly and the prices are the best in town for this level of quality
One of the BEST places for medicinal cannabis I've come across in Oregon. They also have a very nice and informative staff! Further, it's the only "green store" where I have yet to have a cartridge that needed to be exchanged/replaced or, worse, fail shortly after purchase & outside of the "return policy" time frame.
Awesome shop. My husband and I went in here for the first time today and the two budtenders that helped us were helpful, personable, and informative. All the strains seem to be under $10 a gram. We purchased 4 grams for $30. Will definitely be back soon!