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cuz they pass off mids as "top shelf" to noob dick riders like BLOENDRO. cuz pm on clones. cuz they pay Leafly extra $$$ to show only nice reviews and eryone in town knows it. PEEACCCE!
Why does this place have a rating lower than a 5 star!? They have the best prices that are closest to black market or beating them! 4.80 for a pre-roll that weights .90? Can't beat. 1/8th for 27? Can't beat. An amazing staff always willing to help, and helps me find the best strain for what I need that day. STOP RATING THEM A ONE STAR CAUSE YOURE PETTY. THIS DISPO IS HANDS DOWN THE BEST ONE IVE EVER BEEN TO.
"Where is the sticky-icky?". This place used to have the good bud (one-hit migrain gone), kinda bud. The best kind to smoke or whatever, after a long day of dealing with dumb idiots. Now, its dry and gives me a headache. I used to like the $6 grams and there was some good kind avaliable. But now, Jeager Sucks. Please guys get some better weed. I dont want headaches. Let me know if u need testers.
Used to go there all of the time. I went in to get a couple of grahms. The new girl walked over to where her co worker was weighing for someone else. I hear her tell him that he is in here almost everyday. The male co worker with bald head and glasses says yes. Its kind of disturbing. I will not be back. You have competition two blocks way. I would drive clear across the county to go elsewhere anyway.
TLC use to be the go to spot for myself and almost everyone I know. Until late fall when customer service started dropping. The so called bud tenders rush you in and out the door. They are always just standing around talking to their coworkers. Not to mention the inappropriate conversation they have with each other. Top shelf is definitely not top shelf anymore but they still charge top shelf prices. They use to have the best selection in town now it's very slim pickings. My friends and I would rather drive across town for better customer service and better product than go to TLC.

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