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These guys are fabulous. I like the selection and the budtenders are so helpful and friendly.
a week ago
Always good ounce deals. Great customer service too.
a week ago
Called to see if they sell clones and seeds. Was told they do. Drove there a few days later, waited in line, and was informed they were "out of clones". I was disappointed, so asked what seeds they had for sale. Was shown 3 tiny packets of seeds left for sale ranging $60 for 5 seeds (!!!!) Up to $85-90 for the other seeds, White Widow. The sales staff opened the container (behind a cabinet) without my being able to view them doing so, to 'check' there were 5 seeds in container. I did not ask them to do that. And then he came back to counter, dumped seeds into his hand, showed me 5 seeds, then replaced then and went back behind counter to reseal them. For $60 for 5 pot seeds, of a type i never heard of, i was uncomfortable they opened it and touched them, especially where I could not view them. They were friendly, and nice. I want to believe they were up + up about the transaction, but in the future, ask before opening my purchase AND have a larger variety if seeds and some clones in glass where I can view them and see charts on products. Saying you have a product for sale and not having it was a disappointment. And false advertising. So, hopefully these seeds are viable and sprout. $60!!! Wow.
a month ago
They are awesome. Need more weed though. They run out. Bud tenders are awesome.
a month ago
Green Cross is a great example of a dispensary done right! The second I walked in the front door, something was already different from every other dispensary I've been to. It's the big red button! I love punching that big red button and watching the automatic door open right up like it's some crazy futuristic airlock to another universe. I love that little touch. Once you walk in, you realize they really have their ducks in a row. Everything is very finely displayed in well-lit cases, and the selection of flower was absolutely ridiculous. I didn't have time to sit around and count, but they were probably well over 25 strains to choose from, and in every price range. Another thing I love about this place is that they produce some of their own product! At this very moment I am puffing on a Green Cross brand THC oil cartridge, and these Zkittlez taste great! Not to be outdone, these store brand cartridges not only taste great, but on average cost around $10 less than the closest competitor. Only 19 bucks for a half-gram cartridge, and 34 for a full G. Keep up the great work, guys!
5 months ago

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