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I love thier joints and there flour they have good employees and have good bongs and pipes to choose from jack the ripper is one of my strains
a week ago
They have employees that are really nice and great weed comfortable feeling one of my favorite places to go for some green
2 weeks ago
The store is awesome! They're so clean and organized. Their staff if super sweet and helpful.
a month ago
Green Cross is my dispensary! The product is always quality, from the reserve flower to the house extracts that won't break the budget. Honestly, though, the true gems of the G.C. are it's employees. They are courteous, friendly, and highly knowledgeable. They keep me coming back! Cheers to all of you!
a month ago
Called to see if they sell clones and seeds. Was told they do. Drove there a few days later, waited in line, and was informed they were "out of clones". I was disappointed, so asked what seeds they had for sale. Was shown 3 tiny packets of seeds left for sale ranging $60 for 5 seeds (!!!!) Up to $85-90 for the other seeds, White Widow. The sales staff opened the container (behind a cabinet) without my being able to view them doing so, to 'check' there were 5 seeds in container. I did not ask them to do that. And then he came back to counter, dumped seeds into his hand, showed me 5 seeds, then replaced then and went back behind counter to reseal them. For $60 for 5 pot seeds, of a type i never heard of, i was uncomfortable they opened it and touched them, especially where I could not view them. They were friendly, and nice. I want to believe they were up + up about the transaction, but in the future, ask before opening my purchase AND have a larger variety if seeds and some clones in glass where I can view them and see charts on products. Saying you have a product for sale and not having it was a disappointment. And false advertising. So, hopefully these seeds are viable and sprout. $60!!! Wow.
5 months ago

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