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Bought new one for half the price as here Update on experience as i thought employees tampered with contents package was missing items and because of this item being sold to me and that i returned it as defective i get to deal with the 40ish year old dark haired dude hasseling me thanks fot being walmart about it Expensive prices subpar customer service cant handle a return without manager have wasted hours of my time on defective merchandise oil costs 10 dollars more then a minute drive to commercial uhm not shopping here likely
Joints here are unsmokable. If I ever get weed here, which is only when I'm extremely desparate, I have to unpack and reroll the joints EVERY TIME. The flower is always super light. I'm lucky to get 2 bowls from a "gram" of their herb.
Great selection, friendly knowledgeable staff. Military discount. Now if we can only get the rest of the country to wake up and realize that the illegality of marijuana is being fueled by two major institutions. Pharmaceutical companies...yeah opiods are so much safer. And the alcohol industry...yeah so much safer here too.
They started out with a bunch of promises of being the best even though they knew they weren't and now they are actually going backwards! The only thing they had going for them was that they accepted debit cards and now they don't. The place is always dirty, their ATM and POS is always breaking down. Three customers in front of me and they could not give them correct change. The wait was unbelievable and one of the staff is always rude. Too top it all off the prices are better everywhere else.
Cannamedicine still takes debit cards AND will continue to do so. Our daily specials are a $7 gram and a $5 gram. Including 10% off the deal of the day. In a growing industry we pride our selves on a friendly knowledgeable staff. Learning more every day. As more products come out of testing we are excited to stock our shelves with different product. Honey sticks and dab rocks coming this week!!

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