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Always have a good experience when I am there
?Google reviews are biased, Google edits reviews and deletes photos that are totally appropriate to the review.? ?Racist discrimination? Updated 2/15/17 so I was in the area and decided to give them another try since my first experience was bad, well I should of kept going. Things obviously haven't changed. The bald headed old lady took over 20 min to weigh out 1 ounce. Nobody in front of me and still I waited for her to help other customers first. So this leads me to believe it's a race situation. I told them to give my money back and left, no one is going to hang out and wait that long and matter of fact I have never waited that long at a dispensary when I'm the only customer... EVER. First bad experience: I spoke with some Mexican Jorge or Jose or something but they were super rude and did not care about my business at all. I asked to talk to a supervisor or the owner, I was refused and he refused to tell me when a supervisor or manager would be available. I also called ancient remedies which owns the joint and never did get to talk to management or supervisor there either. I would definitely not recommend either of these places. I am a OMMP member and they treat you like garbage all they want to do is sell recreational nickel-and-dime pot. Well your lack of management lost my business and hopefully you will lose some more. I would not recommend.
I haven't been in since October but I was a regular up until I moved. I can't wait to go back. The staff is so friendly and personable, they have always made me feel welcome and respected. They have always gone out of their way to make sure that I got what I needed and wanted. I can safely say I have never left unhappy. I miss you guys a ton! Thank you for always being amazing
This has been my favourite dispensary since my first visit — all the budtenders are friendly and helpful, the flowers are beautiful and well-priced, the ambience is relaxed (they've even got a fat squishy couch to hold your weary bones, in case you have to wait a few minutes for a 'tender to be free), and it's only 5 blocks from my house! Although I'd still buy from them even if I lived across town, no question. Cowboy's got a Fabulous shop, with Fabulous products and Fabulous staff, all wrapped up in that "let's hang out" vibe that so many Salem dispensaries are sorely missing. 10/10, HIGHly recommended (zam!)
Just left and I'm just really glad I found this place. Budtender was extremely knowledgeable and answered my questions without talking down to me, was just a great experience! Smoking now the gorilla glue....Doesn't disappoint.

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