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I am sorry, I need to be more Patient. Your Rosin is VERY Good I agree. Great Customer Service :-D
a year ago
My exclusive shopping stop for a year. Every time I've left UGC, I've left happy, not just because I've bought good weed at a good price, but because I've been treated as a valuable customer. Small selection but great service. I like watching my weed get weighed out on the's the opposite of the old days, the brown paper bag in the alley and hoping one's getting weed, not grandma's garden clippings.
a year ago
You always get more than you paid for for less money than you planned on. They hook it up consistently. I went in for a 5 dollar gram(they had 4 options) and when my friendly budtender's found out I was rolling a joint offered me some bomb shake that was originally more than 5, but this shake is so potent I'm gonna have to take a pocket knife to my grinder to make a hash bowl now ! Thanks green cross!
a year ago
They have been friendly and helpful every time I've been in. Pretty casual atmosphere and grams always weigh over. Not as many "bells and whistles" as some others, but they will treat you right.
D m
a year ago
I'm protesting the UMPQUA green cross. Wasted my time and stolen so much from me. It make me sick. The people who I thought weren't friends and family are just useing me. Stolen from me. Given them nothing but true friendship and in return I was screwed over for a few hundred dollars every payday. Shame on them and never trust the people at umpqua green cross. I'm truly hart broken by the actions my so called friends done to me. Make me sick and evry time I say the name I have to spit. Take your money somewhere else.
4 months ago

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