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Helpful friendly clean place ^.^ yummy edibles and dank greens. A little expensive for the pen cartridges.
Moved from Florida to here and La Mota was first stop. Ill always remember the kind beautiful woman that helped me out. Great prices great selection and coming from Florida you guys with bad reviews really don't know how freaking lucky you have it. I have never found or had an issue with quality in any way and would recommend this place "La Mota"to my grandmother.....peace.....mic drop
Great place to go if you want to buy extremely inferior quality cannabis. The last two times I’ve been in, I’ve found not only mold, but also bud rot in the cannabis I purchased. If you’re a grower like I am, it’s easy to see. But the average smoker, they would never know what to look for. I’ve stayed away since I talked to their manager about this. She seems to be on uppers sometimes. Her response after I asked if there could be some sort of exchange was “absolutely not, I’m sorry” so I haven’t been back. So ghetto.
Won't be back, employee couldn't figure out how to run my husband card with a chip, so he comes back to get another card and she sells his selection to someone else in less than 3 minutes. Worst customer service with a poor attitude.
could not answer the phone I tried for almost 20 mins

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