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Great place to find some great bud! Amazing customer service with employees that seemed well educated on their stuff. I would highly recommend Canna King to everyone who smokes and even those who don't because they've got stuff for the non smokers too that are wanting to ease some aches and pains. Fairly priced and great quality! Thanks Canna King for the great high;)
Very nasty, very rude people. It's hard to believe these guys even smoke weed. So uptight. Buds way overpriced. Even tho they r 10 steps from my hotel door, I will never go back. I rather go ANYWHERE ELSE. I don't like being robbed, or ridiculed, or looked at with disdain. I am a young professional. They can take their biases and shove it. Response to owner: more than half of your customers think u guys are rude. We have no alterior motives to "disparage" ur business. I buy gud weed, and I buy it from all over. I won't buy from stuck up rude people, and u guys are by far the worst experience I've ever had wen it comes to customer service in a pot shop. I honestly question the 5 star reviews on here, cuz there's no way.... they are clearly fabricated in an effort to offset all ur horrible reviews. Here's a suggestion. Try being nicer to people.
"Honest review":... My first stop in roseburg was to cannakings being so conveniently located. My first pot shop in Oregon. It was disappointing, I honestly thought the staffing at that time were rude. I've worked in customer service my entire life and was shocked. The employees didn't share any of my excitement in fact pushed me aside to help another customer while I had questions. Would I try this shop again yes they had some KILLER indoor grown. Nice fat buds -unlike some stores with bottom bud. But I was not impressed and first impressions last. The face of your business is your employees. I don't discourage anyone from stoping by just my honest Opinion.
Excellent staff great selection and phenomenal goods!!! I did not see or hear one negative remark. Very happy for the service and definitely will be back again soon!
I have yet to make a purchase through them because everytime I try to go in or call they are incredibly rude. I walked in once and was about to show them my ID and Medical Card but the representative just looked at me and rudely asked "What do you want?" so I left. I tried calling them asking if they had RSO oil, and they're response on the phone was "No we don't" and hung up. A simple "No, we do not have that today. Sorry for the inconvenience. Have a great day." would have sufficed. You don't just hang up on a customer. They are RUDE RUDE RUDE RUDE. I will never be buying from them.

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