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Jayleen is great! Knowledgeable and friendly staff as well. Mr Nice Guy holds true to thier standards, and this location has it! Love going here for the Wookie Girl!
3 weeks ago
Husband bought an ounce of joints $78 at Mr Nice guy in Rockaway OR. When we began smoking them they would get hard and not draw after smoking about 3/4 of the joint. Smoking the rest in the pipe wasn’t a big deal. We began smoking them in our pipe by breaking off the filters and breaking them up. Then they would only smoke half way down before they turned hard and would not draw. We went to dinner this evening and lit up after. This joint would not even draw. So we decided to go back to Mr Nice Guy to see what they would do for us. Nothing is the bottom line. The two gentleman, I use this term sarcastically as neither were gentlemen. The taller person said well that’s when you break out the bong and smoke the rest of the joint. Husband told them we had been doing that but when we buy joints we expect them to smoke. If I wanted to smoke it from a pipe I would buy flower. The shorter person told my husband he didn’t need to be rude. He was anything but rude. The taller one called the manager who said we could get a discount on anything else we wanted to purchase. We didn’t want to purchase anything else as we had already spent our budget on joints that would not smoke. Then the shorter one said he thought my husband was raising his voice. He was and he apologized but told them they might be upset and tend to raise their voice if they spent $78 on product that won’t smoke. Shorter man said we could just take our worthless joints and leave which we did. Do not shop here. These people are jerks. At least the two that were on duty on January 16, 2019 around 7:15pm were jerks. We used to frequent this shop when it was called Cascade High. Friendly bud tenders good deals and if you had a problem they would make it right. My suggestion to make it right would be to exchange the rest of the joints that were left with different joints. There were 15 left. Then test the ones you took back and take the time to figure out why the joints cease to draw. As a business owner I would think you would want happy customers that will give good word of mouth to get return business. We won’t be back and will let lour friends know not to frequent this establishment. No Mr Nice Guy at this business.
9 months ago
Stopped by here The other day. Good location, nice staff. Pretty knowledgeable for the most part. I wasn't super impressed to be honest. I've been to so many despenserys all over Oregon. This place reminds me of the old "herb center" building in Bend. I do have to say that the prices here are fair though.
11 months ago
Hands down the friendliest, most helpful staff I've ever experienced at a dispensary. The quality, price and selection are the best in Rockaway! The experience was so stellar that I wrote this review just minutes after leaving the store. Look no further than Mr Nice Guy!
a year ago
Great vibe in the shop. Friendly and helpful. Awesome selections and prices . Spin the Captains Wheel for more savings and fun!
a year ago

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