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Good vibes and great staff. Best prices around. They also grow what they sell which is awesome
This dispensary is great. They don't believe in overcharging the customers which is uncommon these days.
Only store in prineville and still don't gouge you on prices. Great staff
This place is great. Its terrible the city of Prineville has not allowed them to go Recreational. Forces everything to the black market.
Honest review. The space is very small and limited. The flower prices are among the higher but the quality is not on par with the other higher price places. The shatter is lower price and in quality. Every time I have gotten it, it has stuck to the paper even when put in the freezer first. It is so low quality that anyone can tell. It's green! It's not supposed to be green. It means that there is either plant materiel, chlorophil or both in the product that was blasted and left in with whatever solvent they used. This also tells you how good a quality of solvent they are using or machines. It is NOT supposed to be green guys. It's supposed to be blond or gold. I don't know how you've gotten away with what you put out. The flavored shatter is put into cartridges that are unreliable and batteries that are unreliable. If you use your own battery, you run the risk of breaking the cartridge or the voltage being a little too high, causing it to get too hot and it loses the flavor. They have not improved at all with their shatter since they've opened. It's always very dark and if it's on paper, always inconsistent. The flower is also lately, always on the damp side. I use a vaporizer (volcano. pax and so many others), so I know especially when my stuff is not dry enough. This also leads me to believe I am being shorted a small amount when this happens. This is ok once or twice, but not 3 times in a row spread out over a month and a half. In conclusion. The store is in a great location (the only one in Prineville) and most of the staff is very nice. The opportunity is squandered by sub part material paired with prices that are a bit too high for what you get (especially when it's put out too early). The saving grace on this is if you come in during a day they have a discount going. Otherwise, I will say to go to a higher price place and get your moneys worth. It keeps 1 stars due to the shatter being just extremely bad as well as one of the staff. They need variety and quality. They have neither.

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