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After visiting nearly all dispensaries in Central Oregon over the past two-plus years, (including their other store in Madras) I can honestly review Prineville’s only current dispensary - Plantae. First, it’s Prineville. If you think they don’t gouge, as reviewed several times, then maybe you should take a break from consuming and visit some other shops in the greater area to get an idea of the competitor’s prices for card holders and the prices for higher quality products. Specifically, the store advertises ‘top shelf’ products, but everything they sell is essentially mid-grade at best, just so you know what will be offered when you arrive. Flower in the THC mid 20% range is as good as it really gets with their products. Additionally, the store is supposedly open from 12-6 on Friday - only. That’s false as I’ve been there several times during these narrow hours only to discover the store closed with no explanation provided. I’d say phone first, but the phone number listed here actually rings Prinetime, a local internet provider, so good luck if you drive all the way up there. Conclusion: you’re probably better off making the drive to Bend (or Madras) where you can pick up a larger amount of higher quality for a lower price. It’s just that simple. Until Crook County wakes up and realizes that opening the community for recreational will increase competition, drive down the price, move people away from the black market and be a huge $ windfall for the people of the county, we’ll have a single shop with mid grade product, open six hours a week (maybe).
Only store in Prineville and they don't price gouge. They have great products and great prices. The Prineville City counsel doesn't care about there citizens. Really sad they won't let Plantae go rec and most people buy from illegal buyers since they can't get rec and won't drive an hour to Bend.
Good vibes and great staff. Best prices around. They also grow what they sell which is awesome
This dispensary is great. They don't believe in overcharging the customers which is uncommon these days.
This place is great. Its terrible the city of Prineville has not allowed them to go Recreational. Forces everything to the black market.

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