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No hassle kind of place, a little pricey but you get exceptional quality of flower. Just bring your ID and some cash and talk to the budtenders about what you’re curious about. The Obama Kush and Rude Boi were top shelf favorites of mine. I got a gram each for about $16. High levels of THC, though that’s not a deciding factor. Each of those buds had superb nug structure, smelled dank, left sticky residue on my fingers annnd smoked smooth. The high from those two was clean and lasted a good hour when smoked in a J. Lots of edibles to choose from and pipes and pieces to smoke out of.
I had never been here before, but I will definitely be back. Prices are extremely fair, lots of selection, and the staff was really nice. Thanks Zion !
I just so happened to work for the farm "Folia" which is owned by Joe Dunne, the owner of Zion. Folia cannabis is sold through the Zion dispensary, and other dispensaries throughout the state. Considering the conditions of the "facilities" I would suggest no one buy their products. We spent about a month drying the most moldy weed I've ever seen, all in the same room with no air circulation. We then processed all of it to remove from the stem. Sure the obviously moldy weed got thrown out, but those giant sacks the "good stuff" went in had plenty of moldy nugs to infect the rest of the batch. My girlfriend got sick and had to go to the hospital from the lack of ventilation and excess of mold. So sure take a gamble, maybe you will get a good bag. Maybe it will smell of a little more than skunk. Good Luck!
Ugh! Everyone stay away! Terrible place! The products are XLNT, the service is superb, and the building is conveniently located. But if you all go there, then there's less for me! So stay away, stay away! ?? ??
Quality has been sinking. Prices have been rising and you could literally be a god and this place will still charge you. Its like NBC took over the matrix and a bunch of kids thought they could run it. The doors close hours before the advertised sign. What else can I say about a place that is wasting so much time the employees sneak out early. It's been closed early 3 times in the past week. Businesses can be fined for false advertising FYI.

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