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I was totally ignored by everyone behind the counter when I entered. Tax is not included on the listing of strains and when I couldn't pay for a gram of CBD weed, I was offered a pre roll. I assumed she meant of the strain I was referring to and bought it. Before I left, I realized it was Sativa strain, barely any CBD and I'm just thinking.... how could you just try to sell me something completely opposite of what I want?! I felt played and not cared for as a customer. Will probably not return. I only give two stars because the receptionist was the most helpful and polite person there.
Zion often has a great flower selection, amazing prices, and great discounts for OMMP members (15% off flower) as well as Veterans' and senior (55+) discounts (10% off entire order). The budtenders have been extremely knowledgeable (Logan!) I still go to other dispensaries, but there is something special and worth it about going to Zion.
I always liked to get my weed at zion. Last week I went from ne to sw to support my favorite dispensary, but when I left I was so disappointed that I rather support other good dispensaries in Portland. New staff was not able or willing to give correct answers about discounts we got in the past and the other person I was trying to talk to was way too stoned to even look up from her computer. It almost felt like avoiding our questions. It was a communication disaster and I ended up paying more (with med card) than I ever had. Not the best tactic, if you want to keep customers. Never again after this sad experience! I give two stars only because I had way better experiences with service and cost in the past.
Super friendly and approachable shop! Really knowledgable staff that wanted to help you get the most out of the plant! They even explain Terpenes and how that can affect your high. One of my favorites :)
I bought a THC extract cartridge here. They have very good stuff, but I have to give it 2/5 stars because it's a hole in the wall operation that is way overpriced. The staff consists of inexperienced college kids. While the cashier was courteous, he made no mention of a receipt, which 1. he is Required to do and 2. is absolutely necessary if you buy a defective cartridge! Unless you're trapped in SW Portland, you can easily find comparable product for around half the price at other shops. I wouldn't shop here twice.

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