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Helpful, friendly staff; nice product selection. Pretty girl at the door!
The guys behind the counter were very helpful! Pricing was also better than what I've seen around. Awesome atmosphere.
For a great time, go here. WA state out of towner here. These guys carry very high quality buds.
The budtenders I had were so knowledgeable and engaging with me. Good local bud and glass. Overall great vibe
Bought a magnetic Dabadoo concentrate vaporizer. Of course I asked a lot of questions, considering the price. I asked about replacement coils for the vape pen, the man behind the counter told me I wouldn't need them. When I insisted that everything breaks, he said these were built to last and should keep working for months. All three coils it came with have broken in the last three weeks since my purchase, and the battery has already begun to degrade, taking more than 8 hours to charge. Same visit, i bought some concentrate, which i was told was of the pull-and-snap variety (I prefer pull and snap or shatter as it's easier to load and makes less mess, less waste). When I got home, it was gooey as hell, and nearly impossible to get off the spoon. I tried keeping it in the freezer, but as soon as it touched the air it would become glue. I probably should have guessed this was the case because they pulled it out of a fridge when they gave it to me, but I guess I believed what I was being told. To their credit, the employees were friendly and fast, and gave me a small discount for my first visit. The false advertising, however, has left a bad taste in my mouth. I will not be returning to this store.

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