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We are a state licensed dispensary in NE Portland, providing premium medicine, concentrates, edibles, and topicals.  Friendly staff, quality products, great selection & unbeatable prices!  


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Friendly staff, good selection. I've been in there many times and never had to wait... at all. Not sure what those negative reviews are talking about.
Professional, clean and nice staff. Prices are alright for the area.
Made the mistake and came in during shift change... Asked the wannabe secretary how long it be she don't know. Asked her how long has it been. She don't know, I left to smoke a CIG come back and she took me off the list as I waited to be served.. I asked why other people going in before me she said she took me off list cuss of my attitude. So waiting over 20 minutes for nothing cuss I'm not on the list do to my attitude. Over 50 times I been here never a problem till this lady has a problem cuss she got rear ended earlier now she cranky old fat lady.... I will never take my card back to this place. Has gone down hill past 2 months only 2 staff guys know what they talking about. Know manager to ask for help I just get tossed out in the rain. Seems they more worried about money and attitude then peoples pain.... If u waited over 20 minutes for nothing would u be mad?........please get staff that know whats going on instead of a wannabe helper. UPDATE MARCH 9.... Tried again and again made the mistake coming in the day.. Was told to have my order ready we are busy..... two people in back helping while 7 costumers wait to be served. How long should someone wait to get pot? Also your workers not friendly and seem over worked on weighing up pot for people. I'm sure it's the toughest job ever for a human to do..... Please fix your afternoon workers your night people are 10 times better wtf....
If you enjoy waiting in the lobby for 20 minutes before being helped out I highly recommend this place! They always have only one bud tender working and 10 customers waiting in the lobby. Decent bud but the wait time is an absolute joke.
Worst experience I've had at a cannabis store yet. Was told they give a veterans discount by the person at the front desk. Went in to buy and was met by the rudest person I've had the displeasure of having helped me. She told us about how all of the other dispensaries are wrong about the rules but she knows cause they have conservative lawyers who told her what the law says. Apparently a discount to a veteran is giving weed away. Not sure that gives her the right to tell me I shouldn't make a face at her, even when she is telling us about how wrong we are about the laws. Excuse me for looking as I do. I'm a vet with ptsd. Guess I just should hide in my apartment and not bother the all knowing bud tender. Will never go back to uplift.

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