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TRU Cannabis Portland proudly serves the 18+ medical card holders and 21+ recreational customers. A one stop shop for everything from flower, to edibles, concentrates, gear, vaporizers and everything in between. Edibles and concentrates only available to medicinal card holders.

**Recreational customers limited to 7g/flower each day


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Valid on Sunday
$5 Off Top Shelf Grams
$5.00 OFF
Pre-Roll Sale - 1 for $5 or 5 for $20
$99 Ounces
Last updated on Friday, April 15, 2016


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Other Reviews

What a perfect shop. It is exactly how you would expect a pot shop to look like, if you have never been to one. Awesome staff, and the weed is top shelf.
I was a member in Denver for two years and they had the best buds , high CBD, super high THC, recently the Tru Cannabis opened here and they're grow was LIT AF! I loved the ounce I got. This is 120 a OZ for seedless high thc good stuff! They beat every shop I've been to in Portland, about 15 shops.
Great prices, great products, great selection, & great service. Their Leafly is always complete too!
MY TRU LOVE! Staff went out of their way to restock a unique, hard-to-get strain I asked them for (just yesterday!), and it was back on the shelves in less than 24 hours. Selection is great, and there are regular deals on pre-rolls that are impossible to pass up. Strains are rotated regularly, so flowers are always fresh. And fun glass pieces are dirt cheap. I've never been disappointed by the quality of a purchase @ Tru. I love everyone who works there. There is a definite kind, peaceful, and positive vibe to the shop. I often drop in just to say hi!
Seems a bit shortsighted when u give one star to a fledgling business just because they r low on product. Just go five blocks in any direction and there will be another store with weed for sale. Regardless, this is a good store with friendly staff and great product. And they were open on previous snow day that saw other stores shut down. Thanks guys and gals!

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