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"Quality Cannabis, Friendly Faces!"

The Green Remedy is an Oregon State Licensed dispensary in Southeast Portland. Every member of our knowledgeable team strives to provide the highest level of care and service to all recreational customers.

We always have a great selection of flower, concentrates, edibles and even glass! Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to stay updated! 


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Other Reviews

The old dude at the front desk is stupid as hell I wil never buy a cartridge from no one that does not carry the select brand.... long as you have a receipt it should never be a problem to return crappy ass cartridges that tast like gas and perfume that guy needs to get off his ass and give that chair a break matter a fact give his ass a break I'm sure its sore all he does is sit and give orders I so enjoy everyone else at this location been going to place for approximately 4 + yrs ya better ask some body
Green Remedy is that great neighborhood dispensary that you want to go to no matter what. Sleepy, rainy mornings. Hot afternoons. After a long day of work. Definitely at 9:55 when you realize you almost out! All friendly and knowledgeable staff. And so much more than just a great selection of flower. Great quality budget bud and killer top shelf. Tons of cool collectibles and glassware. So cool, the owners make the t-shirts themselves with their own silk screening business. Talk about some Hussle, these guys are the best! If you haven't been, then get to Green Remedy!! P.S. LOOK FOR THE BIG GREEN BAND AID
Friendly and familiar customer service; they treat you like they would if you were behind the counter ??
This place was great ! Customer service excellent. Product is also pretty good.
Really friendly employees, and a well organized layout, although I prefer one where it doesn't feel like I am going through a sort of line. I guess an open floor layout is what I usually prefer so other customers don't crowd you, and if I want to take my time to look I can. This wasn't an issue this night though, but perhaps during a busier time it would be. The flower selection was wonderful, with nothing going above $15 a gram which is nice. Not really any budget offerings, but the quality was great at every price point they offered. My biggest gripe was that there preroll was either not dry enough, too packed, or both as it was a chore to smoke. It tasted wonderful though. I would go back again if I was in the area.