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Love this place and the staff, everyone is kind and professional. they have great deals on quality bud and cartridges. They always have great recommendations for my needs I always direct people here
in the last week
Kind of a get your stuff and get out vibe. High prices on buds. Some staff and cool but some are just not friendly at all. If you're buying an 1/8 you can't spit or and OZ you can only get one strain even though it's the same price.. to be honest they're just not very engaged. it feels like they don't want to show you all the different strains and all the different products. Just feels like they want you to get your stuff and be out
a month ago
They shorted me when i bought a gram. I got .9g for $5, and i found seeds in the flower. I got the ogkb strain. If your weed has seeds it should be clearly labeled and sold at a discount!!! Nobody wants to pay high prices for pollinated flower! And DONT EVER SHORT YOUR CUSTOMERS ON WEIGHT!!! WTF? NEVER RETURN
a month ago
Rob! You stole a pound of product and failed to pay your outstanding balance and are actively avoiding every attempt to make contact to square up. Please contact ANYONE with Blank Street (including myself) and make this right!!!! Thanks for your cooperation.
5 months ago
For being on Powell, this shop has a nice vibe. Sure, there may be the occasional man screaming at the newspaper dispensers nearby, but thats Powell for you. Solid prices, friendly staff, and a great selection of goods. Heads up, they take your ID until your transaction is done. Other heads up, they do not carry anything proprietary(PAX, IndigoPro[AiroPro], G-Pen, etc.. ) Aside from that, i recommend this place!
5 months ago

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