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Good weed :) great peeps, and when the new year came around, they were the only ones in my area who were able to serve rec customers. Hallelujah!
Usually I have a good experience at this store but recently I was in the store making a purchase and the attendant gave me too little change back. When I questioned why I was short changed they got pissy with me and it completely ruined my day. I would have said something but security showed up when they heard the attendant yelling at me and frankly I didn't want to get tackled or something, so I just left. Be careful at this store, they might try to rip you off like they did me. I never got my missing change back.
For being a man with ptsd they always have the best quality medicine to help me out with what I need ??
Usually I have an amazing experience but tonight me and my brother stopped in and the bartender was to high or something to remember he never weighed out the bud and looked at us as if we pocketed it. He looks at the footage and realizes it was his fault but that didn't stop the other girl(blond) budtender to be a complete ass and mouth off to us. RUDE!
I love this store. I will go out of my way to go here! Store is clean, always playing some good music, and it usually has a great vibe. Only once a couple days ago I got some herb that gave me an asthma attack so just pay attention to strains and ask questions but I was in a rush so I got something and rushed. I still have a full container of it because there's no way I can smoke it. I've never had problems asking questions so that's one thing I would stress. Oh and the security guy is a bit intimidating to me. I can understand they need security for safety but c'mon he can't smile?!

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