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Overall, this has been a decent place, unfortunately, things seem to be heading in a negative direction as of late. One example... Recently I bought an 8th of mid shelf flower, in the first 2 (roughly dime sized) buds I found 7 seeds combined. When I called to notify them I was told they would be calling me back after speaking with the manager, several hours later, I drove back to the store and nobody there was even aware of my original call. After explaining things AGAIN, I was told there are no refunds or exchanges on flower (even with receipt and product in hand) and sent away with a 10% off coupon for next time! The worst part, I was told they were previously aware of the seeds and this was acceptable with them. I understand weed has the potential for seeds, my problem is with the handling of the situation and the outcome. Other issues... No rewards program, the competitor who now receives most of my business has a great one, better daily specials and more consistent product. Staff, a few are pleasent, while others can be less than knowledgeable. Quality, occasionally they have legit fire, a good majority of the time though, the flower can be far too dry or spongy. Consistency, they'll move the exact same strain from the indica side one time, to the sativa side the next, then possibly with the hybrids later. I know identical strains from 2 different batches can vary in characteristics, however this is just confusing to people. After myself and many others spend a lot of our hard earned money at this location, none of this is acceptable or appreciated Sweet Leaf. I hope you'll implement a few of these ideas and turn things around quickly, as I would like for this to be my go to store again someday.
The staff at this location are amazing! Very attentive to your needs and always exceed my expectations! Great deals all the time
Sweet leaf had a pretty good choice for a lower shelf bud. $100 ounces as of December 2017. Did not try the top shelf buds but saw that the menu had strains peaking 28% THC!!! Inside is small and a bit cluttered but they make up for it with quality products
Horrible service . First off every dispensary I’ve been too include taxes in the price so you don’t get a big F*#k you surprise in the end. Second the employees were rude and once the total was higher then we calculated and we didn’t want THAT product he proceeded to kick us out. DO NOT GO. Not worth your time or money. So many shops will treat you better.
***Great service, cheap prices, and awesome daily deals!***... This was my initial review of Sweet Leaf. I absolutely meant it at the time that it was posted. ***EDIT!!!*** The great service seems to only include the daytime folk... I'm sorry for you guys... I have had nothing but horrible experiences with the night staff.... ESPECIALLY the security guards that seem to think they are cops but come off as Barney Fife. Apparently, the night staff likes to get out of there early and will leave, literally, 10 people's worth of business... quick business at that... outside, locking the door literally in their face BEFORE THE POSTED CLOSING TIME! Let's do the math... At approximately 10 customers per night... at a very conservative estimate of an eighth on average... that's $300-$500 worth of income per night... $9K-$15K loss of income per month! Sweet Leaf, you lost this customer for good.

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