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I use to be a patron till they closed just early enough that I be have been forced to find a new dispensary. Sad to leave Sweetleaf but reliability is not there.
These guys are great. Generally get you into the showroom pretty quick, there is a security guard on site, and the bud is all of decent quality. The only thing I would say, is fix that damn parking lot! Lol those potholes are serious
Super chill atmosphere and the interior is so welcoming. The staff is also very friendly and isn't there to nickel and dime, the tax is included in the shelf price too! I just picked up a top shelf quarter for 45! They let me know the ways I could get the most high for as little money which I'm sure we can all appreciate. This is definitely my go to spot.
The staff at this location are amazing! Very attentive to your needs and always exceed my expectations! Great deals all the time
***Great service, cheap prices, and awesome daily deals!***... This was my initial review of Sweet Leaf. I absolutely meant it at the time that it was posted. ***EDIT!!!*** The great service seems to only include the daytime folk... I'm sorry for you guys... I have had nothing but horrible experiences with the night staff.... ESPECIALLY the security guards that seem to think they are cops but come off as Barney Fife. Apparently, the night staff likes to get out of there early and will leave, literally, 10 people's worth of business... quick business at that... outside, locking the door literally in their face BEFORE THE POSTED CLOSING TIME! Let's do the math... At approximately 10 customers per night... at a very conservative estimate of an eighth on average... that's $300-$500 worth of income per night... $9K-$15K loss of income per month! Sweet Leaf, you lost this customer for good.

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