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Great place! We got some snow on Christmas Eve, and I called them and they were the only place open, and the bud tender said he was willing to wait for me to come to make sure I had my Green on Christmas, it got busier and busier and he decided to stay open, I gave a $40 tip, and got a free prerolled gram!
Stone age farmacy was amazing. Jon dropped what he was doing when i came in looking for a strain they didnt have but leafly said they did. Found me and my wife an amazing pre roll and some loose flower as a sativa. Best experience at a shop since i moved down here.
OH MY GOD! THIS IS THE DISPENSARY OF A LIFETIME! All my needs both medical and recreational have been met over the 2 years I've been coming to this store! Every time I am greeted with a smile from a beautiful staff member. They always have straight FIREE!! Their top shelf is the real deal! They also provide a 10% veteran/military discount to people with the credentials. I would absolutely recommend Stone Age Farmacy for all your cannabis needs!
I am fortunate to have found a shop that I love??. After bouncing around, trying to find a store that would fit my needs, I happened upon Stone Age. The first impression I got, right off the bat, was that the staff was focused on service. Undoubtedly, they were quite helpful and patient. Knowledgeable in their trade, the tenders were friendly and genuinely interested in helping me find the right product. I was glad to learn that they offer a 10% discount for veterans, which made the visit even sweeter. Finally, I would be wary of the negative reviews. I find them to be quite off the mark, and perhaps negatively embellished. They don't resemble any of my experiences at SAF/PDX!
Love this farmacy! Always good deals going and always a great deal. Very sociable and educated staff happy to help and offer a suggestion. Probably the nicest shop I've been too. Would definitely recommend. Get ready to leave with more bud than you planned on getting.