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Ok if you really go into Shango, y'all know that Tsunami bong with the titanium bowl right by the exit. The bong that's been sitting there for two years, yeah I bought it. 275 for bong, 60 for Compton titanium bowl, 20 for gold dab tool. No bud. I live close. I bought the the stuff at 8:37pm and called back Shango at 9:03pm that were the titanium bowl was sitting cracked the glass underneath on my second hit. The lady said there a cannabis shop not a pipe shop I would have to call the glass maker. I spent 360 on somthig I can't even smoke out of and the best they can do is give me 25 percent off my next purchases. Told them I know there no warranty on glass, but this isn't a ( I fell and triped outside the store story or a bong tipped over broke story) it's a bowl got too hot and broke the glass under neath. Witch mean is was never suppose to a dab oil bong. They advertised it wrong. I don't want my money back, just a raplace pieces that broke. They told me it's a 60 buck piece. There store don't Carrie them. I'm upset, first dab rig I ever bought, spend 360 dollar 20 min later, lady tells me it's above her pay grade. I bought a bong to smoke dab, I have it in my possession for 20min, take one dab hit and the piece that holds the nail cracks. And it's sorry take it up with the glass maker. I'm going there tomorrows to show them the crack in person. I'll keep you posted
Good selection, decent price, good atmosphere and attitude.
One of the best spots in town for selection, prices, customer service, etc. I purchase once or twice a week and try to not go anywhere else. I'd recommend going for the fun swag you get with the loyalty program... if you plan to shop there regularly. Can't go wrong with Shango!
Awesome! Came down from the Washington area and bought a new product that we don't really have in my area, I unfortunately couldn't get it to work. I went back expecting to be turned away and am so thankful for their staff and the trouble shooting they helped me with. I know where I will be going when in the Portland area.
Shango is killing the game. Best strain selection in the portland area by far. When you go into their stores you can tell they pulled out all the stops. Very knowledgeable when it comes to their products and they are always friendly. If you want the best cannabis experience you can get i strongly suggest Shango.

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