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Serra is a Modern Druggist with 3 locations in Portland and Eugene, Oregon, providing the very best recreational marijuana shopping experience and selection of cannabis flower, edibles, topicals, concentrates and curated lifestyle accessories. Come on in and #feelallthefeelings.


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Other Reviews

This place has a great storefront and vibe overall. The selection isn't the widest but it stacks up to the other options in the area. If they stepped up their staffing expectations and had a little bit more knowledge for the curious shopper, it'd make a world of difference. Try the silver hawk if they've got it in stock!
I have been here a handful of times. Great products and a vast variety. The staff is friendly but unprofessional, and that is what mainly discouraged me from coming here again. If you are in the downtown area and need a quick fix this place is great! But I do not recommend anyone make this their regular spot for medications.
The staff was knowledgeable and very friendly and this was our second time here, however, I spent nearly $30 ($28.80) on TWO prerolls, and one was only a .5 gram. I hoped they would be really good joints, but they didn't burn very well, there were some overpacked spots throughout them both (we got two different kinds) and that made them run and difficult to enjoy. We will be back, we will just take our time to better look at prices and products.
I was in Portland and looking for a CBD oil without THC, they had it. Staff was informative and polite. The shop was clean and tidy and smelled great ?? Worth a visit if your state, province, family doctor or country won't help you out with your medical needs or just for other reasons. ??
By far the most clean, classy, and sophisticated shops. Serra stands out from its competitors clearly. The staff is well groomed and very professional. They are friendly and patient. The store looks very cool. The recieptionsit is friendly and welcoming. Once your in the back area, the quality of the store really starts to shine. Unlike other sketchy looking shops of this nature, you will feel like a VIP each time you go. Plus, there is a awards membership which allows you to build points and get 10 dollars off. Also, for anyone like myself who likes to be the early bird, they hooked you up with an additional discount. You can stack your discount with your in store credit. This store is quality. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

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