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Portland Dispensary Serra carries many high quality Marijuana products making it one of the best weed stores in the city. Check out our cannabis today.


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Other Reviews

Staff has always been friendly and helpful when I stop by. Keep up the great work!
I cannot say enough about how wonderful this dispensary is. From the beautiful aesthetic, to the wide array of high quality products and the excellent customer service and staff knowledge, this is by far my favorite place to buy all things cannabis. I dare you to find a more lovely experience in Portland.
I love Serra! All of their locations are beautiful, well-lit, open spaces, their staff are incredibly nice and knowledgeable, and their products are *top* quality. As a novice marijuana consumer I had a lot of questions and concerns the first time I visited, and the staff patiently answered my questions for literally 2 hours. They also already knew the answers to all my questions -- where their products are from, the details of the laws in Oregon, the variations in different strains and which products used which strains, and so on. It was SO helpful! The only downside is that Serra is definitely not the cheapest marijuana you'll find in Portland, but for a modest price bump you get great service, beautiful atmosphere, and great weed! Highly (haha ;) ) recommend
Serra staff are very knowledgeable about the strains they carry and offer top-notch customer service with a friendly, neighborhood feel. It is my favorite dispensary by far! They offer amazing quality strains at affordable prices, and their design asthetic is impeccable.
One of the better Portland dispensaries - perhaps a bit higher priced, but you get quality. Friendly and knowledgeable 'tenders. Have never left disappointed... and I think they offer delivery, too!

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