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Portland Dispensary Serra carries many high quality Marijuana products making it one of the best weed stores in the city. Check out our cannabis today.


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Other Reviews

From Seattle..all around upscale pot shop...u can actually smell the stuff in the jars! cleen...good normal price...varry nice customer service. Great tasting..small glass selection..but still top shelf glass
This Serra location is MUCH more fun and helpful. Went to both locations to try it out, Brian at this location was very helpful and thw vibe was much more relaxing and laid back. Rather than the other Serra's serious 'matter of fact' attitude. Great bud at both Serra's though!
I went in here with my mom in search of something to help her with pain. I'm so glad we went when we did because she was hesitant and the woman who helped us was so knowledgeable about chronic pain as she was a sufferer too. She spoke to my mom calmly, explaining benefits of lots of different methods of consuming. My mom left with a little woodblock chocolate that she can use when she needs to. The store gives a great first impression to novices and connesours alike. Highly recommend!
They always have what I am looking for with some exceptions. The staff is courteous and helpful. I like their incentive program. I go to both the Belmont and Downtown dispensary.
Super helpful with knowledge of the different cartridges. The one I settled on had issues with the mouth piece so I came back in 1 week later and the guy told me it was fine. Well fast forward a few days later and the thing won’t work, nothing but a bunch of Air sucking through. I knew the mouth piece shouldn’t be spinning around like it was but I was assured “they ate all like that”. Past the time I can return it so now I’m stuck with a cartridge that barely works. Nothing bad with the service provided but I feel like they should have exchanged the cartridge when I came back the 2nd time.

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