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Star 1 for service/informed. Star 2 for people chill and friendly. Star 3 Hours and availability. Star 4 for location. My last star for prices and selection might be slightly negated by their need to pay bills and high cost of operation in such a central location. I visit often (1 to 2 times a week) I suggest you get the deals when they have them. It often sells out overnight. Stoned truth.??
I like the ppl. Their who actually work... & know what they are talking about when asking them a few questions 2 see what customers like... & dont like... Nice little hole. in. the. wall. Despencery. Good deals on flour & joints... ??????
I love this spot! Great prices on quality flowers and extracts! I got a gram of some amazing crumble and an eighth of some superb GG#4 I’m really impressed with there quality. Now of course because it’s located in old town ik that may throw people off ik it did for me at first but don’t let that fool because once inside your in a whole other world!! I’ve been to almost every dispensary throughout Portland and so far this is definitely one of my favorites!!! I will definitely be a regular!!????????
Great peeps! I get a lot of good advice from everyone. A bit more expensive than on the other side if the river, but I oay for convenience
This place was lovely. In town for a long weekend after moving away a few years ago, I was exhausted and stressed from a long flight and the airline misplacing out baggage. We stopped in at Rose City because it was close to the MAX line and the folks there were helpful and chill, walked us through all their products without trying to push anything, and didn't treat us like bumpkins for being from out of state. Do recommend.

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