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Definitely a great boutique weed store experience; the store is furnished with simple, dark wood and glass countertops, with soft, warm lighting. The owner really knows his stuff--rather than someone telling you "how high" you're going to get, you're given a very detailed, informative synopsis of the strain you're looking at. Really cool store if you're looking to take your weed-smoking experience to a more refined level. Great prices, too! Edit: Came back with 10 minutes left until closing and there doors were already locked, but the lights were still on. Not a great way to retain customers. I unfortunately will be taking my business elsewhere.
Good people ... good stuff .... Irie !
Love it when they're open
This is my first review for a dispensary where I'm not being offered a deal to say anything. If you want a break from the corporate and sometimes sterile vibe of many dispensaries: check this one out.
I can walk here. It's awesome to have such a high quality shop so close. The guy running this place is legit. He knows pretty much everything about anything in his store and his staff seem just as schooled. They offer one of the highest quality pre-rolls in the city. I'm a lazy guy. I like good pre-rolls. Their flower is primo first class, fresh, properly cured bud. They vacuum seal the jars. They get from responsible sustainable growers. I was having headaches from other high strength bud bought at various places. The owner explained it was the chemicals they use to grow hydroponics in some places. I buy from him, now. No headaches.

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