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I enjoyed my visits and felt very welcomed
This place is one of the best places to go ..customer service is wonderful budtenders are very knowledgeble . I love comming here an I won't stop
They always have the best bud in stock, the friendliest bud tenders and you get your money's worth :)
Bad Customer Service / I called them on the phone to ask for a specific strain and the person didn't want to look for the strain because he was sooooo busy "he could have put me on hold, which I didn't mind waiting" ... Instead he said .. "I'm sorry dude; I got to go" and than he hanged up!!! #superextremelybadCustomerservice #trainyouremployeestobepolite DONT LIKE YOUR JOB, Why work for it???? .... Quit Mofos!
Paid for 5 grams, got 2.5 I have, unfortunately, had the worst possible experience at this dispensary. A sales person at the store is SKIMMING. (Shorting product to customers, presumably to fuel their own recreation.) I purchased 5 grams, 3 different strains. After measuring the first two bags and realizing they were both a half gram, and full gram short, I called the store. I was hopeful that they would correct their mistake on the third bag - seeing as it was still completely and clearly sealed and had not been opened. However I was told they would not be able to compansate for my missing product, EVEN THE SEALED UNOPENED BAG. They refused to weight it out for me, so that I could see for myself, and show them their mistake. I now believe that clearly they are aware that they are ripping off their customers. Obviously the brave soul who is stealing from customers knows that they can get away with it.

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